Stage illusions - PDF book by Will Goldston

Stage illusions

Stage illusions
Stage illusions -  book by Will Goldston

There is an old and very wise saying which states that half a loaf is better than no bread. The saying occurred to me when I was putting the finishing touches on this little volume. I am sure that the man who does not possess the volumes of " The Magician " and the " Magician Annuals " will find this "half-loaf" of magic very acceptable.

 It is certainly better than no magic at all. I turn, in imagination, to all those who already possess the volumes of " The Magician " and the "Magician Annuals." Do I abase myself before those gentlemen because I have made up this little volume from matter which they already possess? No — very far from no. I feel that I have done all those gentlemen a good turn because I have arranged the information in this volume in such a way that it can be acquired with the greatest ease. This is an age in which, in order to succeed, one must specialise. One conjurer will specialise in thought-reading tricks, another in silent illusion acts, another in sleight-of-hand tricks, another in the presentation of what I may call " large apparatus " tricks. 

This book will appeal primarily to illusionists, but I fancy that other magicians will find that it is well worth perusal. I have heard of illusionists who have produced some of their best effects by merely enlarging small sleight-of-hand tricks, and I have no doubt that some sleight-of-hand performers have been equally successful in devising new tricks by merely watching illusionists at work and " reducing " the illusions to drawing-room size. Therefore, whether you are an illusionist or a sleight-of-hand performer, I trust that you will find something to think about in this little volume.

Some contents:

Illusions in -which an Assistant appears.
The Mysterious Lady ®
An Indian Basket Trick ^
An effective Change 1"
A Good Levitation 12
The Glass-Lined Trunk 1*
The Vanishing Trunk 16
The Golden Fly 20
The Flower Girl 22
The Vanishing Lady 24
A Furnished Drawing-Room and Lady produce^ from Nowhere 30
An Oriental Dish 33
The Rapid Transit 35
Phantom Decapitation 36
Two Sack Tricks 37
Cremation Illusions 41

Miscellaneous Illusions.
Two Tubs
The Spirit Blackboard.
The Growth of Flowers
Sham Spiritualism
The Drum which Can't be Beaten
Novel Mirror Illusion.
The Vanishing Sketch.
Conradi's Coin-Ladder.
The Cauldron of Macbeth
A Table from a Shawl.
The Vanishing Lamp.
The Latest Spirit Picture
An Inexhaustible Coffee-Pot
Materializing a Table ..
A Number of Box Escapes
The Crystal Chest
The East to "West Mystery
The Escape of Cinderella
Original Flying Handkerchiefs Illusion . .
The Gambler's Bride Illusion

the book details :
  • Author: Will Goldston
  • Publication date: 1912
  • Company: London: The Magician ltd.

  • Download 2.6 MB - 126 pages
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