A clinical manual of mental diseases - PDF book by Francis Xavier Dercum

A clinical manual of mental diseases 

A clinical manual of mental diseases

The generous reception accorded the first edition of this manual justifies the inference that a purely clinical presentation of mental disease fulfils a distinct want. The practising physician has too often looked upon insanity as a subject un-attractive and obscure, difficult and abstruse, and with which, because of the speculative and metaphysical character of its theories and explanations, he has no immediate concern. 

The truth is, however, that when viewed from the standpoint of internal medicine it is brought into close and intimate relations with the latter. This becomes especially evident when we realize that many cases of mental disease have their origin in infections and intoxications, while others present problems that are essentially those of disorders of metabolism. 

Many of the latter have to do with profound nutritional disturbances which have their origin in defensive reactions of the organism to intoxications. Such intoxications may arise from without or, it may be, from within the organism. Among the latter are toxic states due to abnormalities of the various glands of internal secretion or of other structures. 

In other cases of mental disease, again, the physician has to do with aberrancies and arrests of development, with peculiarities of structure and mental organization often hereditary; and in each of these, there are, again, the added and largely unsolved problems of toxic metabolism. Finally, in given instances, the mental symptoms are in relation to the gross visceral or bodily disease.

In short, the more we study insanity, the more we become convinced of the importance of bringing the subject into the closest possible relations with internal medicine. This edition, like the first, is based upon the annual course of lectures delivered by the author at the Jefferson Medical College and has been prepared from a purely practical point of view. In the classification, general arrangement, and descriptions the author has endeavoured to present the subject in a simple and yet thorough manner, and, at the same time, to keep the volume within the limits of a convenient manual. 

It is the general practitioner, the family physician, who sees the patient first, and he should be sufficiently informed to be able to recognize mental diseases in their early stages. He should know what to do under given conditions; how the patient should be treated in his own home or elsewhere outside of an institution should this be practicable; and when to commit and when not to commit a patient to an asylum.

 In the present edition, the various sections have been expanded so as to include, as in the instances of dementia prsecox and of paresis, the more recent views in regard to pathology and treatment; in the case of dementia prsecox the important and interesting results of Fauser and others on the genesis and pathology of the affection have been incorporated; in the case of paresis, the advance in pathology and the moot question of treatment have received full consideration. 

The chapter on the psychological interpretation of the symptoms has been enlarged and in part rewritten, as have also various sections on treatment. The volume, as a whole, has been thoroughly revised, and, as in the first edition, emphasis has been laid upon the purely clinical and practical features.

Some contents:

Introduction. Definitions 17
Classification 26
Group I — Delirium, Confusion, Stupor 34
Simple Febrile Delirium 35
Specific Febrile Delirium 39
Afebrile Delirium 45
Confusion 49
Passive Confusion 56
Stupor 56
Incomplete Stupor 60
Group II — Melancholia, Mania, Circular Insanity (Melancholia-mania; Manic-depressive Insanity) 62
Melancholia 64
Melancholia with Agitation 74
Hypomelancholia 76
Melancholia without Delusions 78
Melancholia with Stupor 79
Mania 81
Hypomania 93
Circular Insanity 99
The Prognosis of Manic-depressive Insanity in General 101
Group III— The Heboid-paranoid Affections (Dementia Praecox; Paranoia) 108
The insanity of Adolescence, Dementia Prajcox 113
Distinguishing Features of the Simple or Hebephrenic Form 125
Distinguishing Features of the Catatonic Form 126
Distinguishing Features of the Paranoid Form 127
Paranoia 138
Paranoia Hallucinatoria 143
Hypochondriacal Form 152
Self-accusatory Form 152
Mystic Form 154
Paranoia Simplex 159
Group IV — The Neurasthenic-neuropathic Disorders (Psychasthenia) 175
Group V — The Dementias 202
The Clinical Forms of Mental Disease Related to the Somatic
Affections 206
The Infections 207
Syphilis 207
Tuberculosis 208
Malaria 209
Pellagra 210
Rheumatic Fever 211
The Intoxications 212
Alcoholism and the Alcoholic Insanities 212
Chronic Alcoholism 214
Alcoholic Delirium (Delirium Tremens) 216
Alcoholic Confusion (Alcoholic Confusional Insanity) 218
Alcoholic Paranoia 220
Alcoholic Dementia 223
Plumbism and the Insanities Due to Lead 224
Morphinism 227
Cocainism 233
Intoxications by Chloral and Other Drugs 236
Disorders of Metabolism 237
Diabetes 238
Gout 240
Adiposis 240
The Visceral Diseases 241
Diseases of the Ductless Glands 243
Diseases of the Nervous System 247
Functional Nervous Diseases 247
Epilepsy 247
Hysteria 254
Chorea 265
Paralysis Agitans 266
Organic Nervous Diseases 266
Paresis 266
Cerebral Syphilis 310
Multiple Cerebrospinal Sclerosis 312
Arteriosclerosis 312
Haemorrhage, Embolism, and Thrombosis 314
Brain Tumor and Brain Abscess 315
Tabes 31S
Trauma 32i
Pregnancy, Parturition, the Puerperium, Lactation 324
Mental Diseases as Related to Age 330
Insanity in Childhood 330
Idiocy and Imbecility 333
Morphologic Idiocies 334
Pathologic Idiocies 335
Cretinism 336
Amavu-otic Family Idiocy 338
Adolescence 343
Early Adult Age 343
Mature Adult Age 344
Middle Age 344
Old Age 345
Mental Diseases not Ordinarily Included Under Insanity... 352
Borderland Manic and Paranoid States (The Mattoids) 352

the book details :
  • Author: Francis Xavier Dercum who is Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; Consulting Neurologist to the Philadelphia General Hospital; Ex-President of the American Neurological Association, of the Philadelphia Neurological Society, and of the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society; Foreign Corresponding Member of the Neurological Society of Paris, and of the Psychiatric and Neurological Society of Vienna; Member of the Royal Medical Society of Budapest, 
  • Publication date:: 1917
  • Company: Philadelphia, W. B. Saunders

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