A Manual of Bacteriology - PDF by R. Tanner Hewlett

A Manual of Bacteriology

A Manual of Bacteriology

In the following manual, I have endeavoured to give some account of those portions of Bacteriology which are of especial interest in clinical medicine and hygiene. The preparation of tissues, methods of culture, descriptions of pathogenic organisms and their detection, the examination of water, etc., have therefore been given at some length. 

As it would be impossible in the space at my disposal to include everything relative to the subject, a selection has had to be made, and such details as the celloidin method, Leffler's stain for flagella, the strictly animal parasitic diseases (with a few exceptions), etc., have, among others, been omitted. At the end of the sections dealing with the pathogenic organisms that attackman, some directions have been given for the bacteriological clinical diagnosis and examination, but these are in no way exhaustive; in fact, it would not be possible in a short work to give a scheme of examination which would cover every case. 

These directions will also render the book of service in the laboratory, while I venture to hope that the details given in the Appendix on the use of the remedies and diagnostic agents of bacterial origin may be of value to the practitioner.

Bacteriology is a branch of Biology which deals with the study of Micro-organisms, particularly the minute vegetable ones known as Bacteria,

 The scope of bacterio- logy is difficult to define exactly, for the term is often used in a comprehensive sense equivalent to neuropathology, or even micro-biology, and all investigations connected with micro-organisms, animal and vegetable, may be included under it. 

So extensive, however, has the subject become that the animal micro-organisms are now being studied as a separate branch, Protozoology. Bacteriology deals with micro-organisms particularly in their relation to processes — disease, fermentation, putrefaction, and the like— -while the study of their structure, functions, and life history belongs to the botanist and zoologist.

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  • Author: R. Tanner Hewlett
  • Publication date:1921

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