Manhattan Transfer - PDF novel by John Dos Passos (1925)

Manhattan Transfer 

Manhattan Transfer

Manhattan Transfer is an American novel by John Dos Passos published in 1925. It focuses on the development of urban life in New York City from the Gilded Age to the Jazz Age as told through a series of overlapping individual stories. (Wikipedia) 

Review by Writer Librarian:
Now that's a whole other kind of fiction. Something to cherish and treasure. It reads like a movie but the good kind. It doesn't really have a plot instead it follows the lives of a few characters throughout the years in early 1900, through WW1 and right before the 1929 crash but you can feel it coming. Written in 1925, translated into French in 1928, it still is as interesting and vibrant as it was then. 

New York shines through all the pages. Dark and light, how the rich life and how the poor die. How one survives and how your life becomes filled with shades of grey. 

It's a wonderful voyage into the past and makes you think about how we live now and how not a lot has changed really.

the book details :
  • Author: John Dos Passos
  • Publication date: (1925) 

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