The crucifixion - by an eye-witness - PDF by J. E. Richardson

 The crucifixion-by an eye-witness

The crucifixion-by an eye-witness

a letter, written seven years after the crucifixion

A brief explanation is due to the reader before he proceeds to a perusal of the most interesting Letter which follows the Preface to this little volume. 
The English translation of the ancient Latin copy of the Letter was made by a German. It is evidenced on every page of his translation that he was not sufficiently acquainted with the English language to make a good English translation. 

This suggestion has reference to the literary form of his work as a translator, and not to the substance of the text. There can be no doubt that he has preserved the meaning of the original manuscript with remarkable fidelity. But in many places, he has made use of English expressions that are crude and quite out of keeping with our present understanding of cultured literary form. 

 The Crucifixion For this reason I have deemed it advisable to revise his rendition of the text in such manner as somewhat to remove the rough corners of his work, and present to the reader the exact substance of the Ancient Letter in a little better English form. In no sense have I changed its meaning, and in many places have refrained from substituting my own method of expression where his rendition is more or less crude and lacking in the elegance of diction. 

My revision of his translation, therefore, is not as complete as it might have been made had his method of expression been discarded entirely. My purpose has been to place the exact substance of the Ancient Letter before the reader in such language as to make it entirely intelligible and at the same time preserve as much of the translator's own form of expression as possible. 

I believe I have succeeded. No changes whatsoever have been made in the Closing Remarks of the German Introduction Translator/' nor in **Part 11." My revision, therefore, is confined entirely to the ** Letter'' of the Esseer in which he tells his brethren in Alexandria the true story of the Crucifixion, and gives them the facts and incidents connected therewith, as he witnessed them. 


Introduction by T. K 9
Preface by the Translator 15
Description of Jesus 23
Death- Warrant of Jesus 27
Letter from an **Esseer'' in Jerusalem to his Brethren in Alexandria. 31
Closing Remarks of the German Translator 129
The Order of the Essenes among the Jewish People 151

The book details :
  • Author:  J. E. Richardson
  • Publication date: 1915
  • Company: Chicago, Indo-American book co.

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