A child's history of America - PDF book by Josephine Pollard

A child's history of America

A child's history of America

This is a tale in short words for small folks, on the way our land grew. There is much that all boys and girls ought to know, of the brave deeds of our great men. To read this will make you want to read more and to learn more, of what the men of old times and of new times did to make our land the great land wt now ts. 
The men of old times fought to make the land free. We who live in this day should be proud to have ut free and do our best to keep it so. All young folks should be glad to learn of the land on which they have; to know who were the chief men; and to tell of the wars which were fought, m which the foes of the land were put to flight

They should know, too, what a bright and glad thing it is that we now have peace in the land, after all the wars we have been through. God has led us on through ways that have been strange, to reach the place where we now stand. The men of all the earth look on our land, and we are glad to have them call it,


Some of these men sailed from Denmark in the year goo, and, in a storm, were cast on the shores of Ice-land. Thus Iceland was found by chance, and in a few years some Danes went there to live and kept up a trade with the main-land. When some years had gone by, Greenland was found by an Ice-land-er who set sail in a way that no one else had gone, and in a short time, some of the Ice-land folks went to live in the new land where there was less ice and snow. 

You would think from the name that it was a place where green grass grew, and there were green fields, and green trees and high green hills such as you can see in your own land. But if you look on the map you will see that this could not be; for Green-land is near the North Pole, where there is ice and snow all the year-round, and the folks there have to live in huts, that have a hole in the side for them to crawl through, and a hole in the top to let the smoke out.

"Told in one-syllable words."

 the book details :
  • Author: Josephine Pollard
  • Publication date: C1896
  • Company: Bulverde, TX: Mantle Ministries

  • Download 12 MB

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