A consideration of the wealth and poverty of nations - PDF by Wolcott Noble Griswold

A consideration of the wealth and poverty of nations

A consideration of the wealth and poverty of nations

embracing also the Evolution of industry and its outcome

This work is presented to the pub]ic with unfeigned diffidence; not that the thought which it undertakes to portray is not substantially important and true; but that its elaboration, at some points and in some regards, fails of that force and clearness, which, as concerning subjects of the nature considered, is especially desirable. 

However, as the public possesses an available weapon of defence — the boycott — and as it rarely happens that any work leaves the hands of its author wherein some imperfections do not appear, as it is, whether for better or worse, it is hoped it may be permitted to pass. A few explanations are due to the reader. 
The work was commenced several months since, as a study de novo of the industrial status; it has been written at convenient times between the call of other duties and printed at once, form after form, as the manuscript was prepared. 

The first intention of the author, after having stated the fundamental principles advanced in the first four or five chapters, was to review, in full, th6se topics commonly treated in current works of economic science. 

The chapters on Land, Capital, Labor, Wealth, Exchange, &c., were sketched and partly written, when for sundry reasons, of a private nature principally, the first plan was abandoned, and that actually followed, substituted, ^he reader will therefore find in the first half-dozen chapters, references to other chapters for confirmatory sentiments and demonstrations, which, in fact, do not appear and cannot be found. It is believed, however, the change in the plan, at a later date, has not materially broken that consistent harmony that should characterize such efforts. 

Furthermore, knowing the general dissatisfaction with the current thought of economic science, the author has endeavoured carefully to sift and consider its teachings; to retain its truths and reject its errors. 

His investigations have satisfied him that the one term, a value which to economics is as fundamental, as to mathematics is the term, the number has been used in too narrow a sense; that other values, of greater importance to man than those produced by human labour — human labour values being the only values recognized by scientific writers — exist, and are perpetually found at the point of exchange in connection with those produced by human labour; values which are the result of the active and passive forces operating in nature's laboratories and workshops, on the mineral monad, the vegetable seed and the animal.

He has furthermore found at the point of exchange, in all commodities, certain values which are enforced by common consent and custom which, in fact, and in themselves, being based upon no labour whatever, are absolutely valueless. 

the book details :
  • Author: Wolcott Noble Griswold
  • Publication date 1887
  • Company: San Francisco, The Bancroft company

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