The destinies of the stars - PDF by Svante Arrhenius

The destinies of the stars

The destinies of the stars
The destinies of the stars 

From Translator's Preface

When Dr Svante Arrhenius year 1903 received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry- it came as a fitting reward for his achievements principally in the electrochemical field. It was natural, however, that a genius of his calibre would not limit his interest to the ''infinitely small " but would gradually broaden it to encompass the "infinitely large." And "to take an interest" means with Dr Arrhenius to push the boundaries of the unknown and of the unexplored a Uttle far- ther away from the man.

 His evolution in this respect runs parallel with that of all the great men who stand out as leaders in the history of science. Wrapt up in the solution of a particular problem and fired with the divine yearning to reach ultimate causes they are inevitably driven to ever-widening circles of research until this whole material universe, its whence and whither, becomes the overpowering passion of their spirits. Thus the mere titles of the works of Dr Arrhenius, read in the sequence of their publication, give us, better than any biography, history of a soul, which, no matter what his unprofessed philosophical faith may be, constitutes our strongest evidence in favour of that theory of "purposiveness " in the universe which Dr. Arrhenius so heartily abhors (and justly so) when resorted to in natural science, but which theory nevertheless (and justly so) is so dear to the philosopher:.

From the author's preface:

The evolution of the solar system from the Milky Way nebula, to which I have devoted several lectures at home and abroad, may be considered as the pre-history of the evolution of the planets, I have given this collection of cosmogenic articles the common title 
The Destinies of the Stars. I offer as an introduction a lecture delivered before the Fourth International Philosophical Congress in Bologna, 1911, dealing with the Origin of Star- Worship." Hoping that this little book will, to a considerable extent, fill the gaps in my previous works, I present these treatises in remodelled form.,


  • Origin oF Star Worship. 
  • The Mystery of the Milky Way.
  • The Climatic Importance of Water
  • Atmosphere and Physics of the Stellar Bodies
  • The Chemistry of the Atmosphere
  • Mercury, the Moon, and Venus
Svante August Arrhenius was a Swedish scientist. Originally a physicist, but often referred to as a chemist, Arrhenius was one of the founders of the science of physical chemistry. He received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1903, becoming the first Swedish Nobel laureate.

the book details :
  • Author: Svante Arrhenius
  • Publication date: 1918
  • Translator: J.E. Fries
  • Company: New York Putnam

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