Ethnological and cultural studies of the sex life in England - PDF by Iwan Bloch

Ethnological and cultural studies of the sex life in England 

studies of the sex life in England

illustrated, as revealed in its erotic and obscene literature and art; with nine private cabinets of illustrations by the greatest English masters of erotic art

From introduction:

Dr Bloch is perfectly justified in taking the standpoint that the vices and virtues of a people are best to be seen in their literary productions. 

He presents vividly and informatively those specific English — that is, Anglo-Saxon — sex practices that can be found in no other erotic literature in such detail and complexity. This is especially true of flagellation and defloration, which are veritable sex manias in England and as such are referred to time and time again in erotic and pornographic works. Many important side-lights thus illuminate the aetiology and nosology of sex perversions and perversities .

No less fascinating are the chapters on the erotic art of the English in which we see graphically, and thus more clearly, portrayed all the erotic relations of a country that is notorious for its grossness and coarseness of expression . . . 

We can safely recommend this latest study by Dr Bloch to our colleagues with the assurance that they will find it highly interesting as well as informative. Dr J. Pagel, Professor of Pathology, in the Deutschen Aerztezeitung: Dr Bloch gained a well-deserved continental reputation with his "epoch-making double-master- piece," the 120 Days of Sodom.

 His latest work on sex life in England is certain to spread his literary fame to all quarters of the civilized world. Dr. Bloch has utilized an ingenious method in alloying the most famous English eroticism and pornographists to present their own analyses of the sex life of the English people. This makes fascinating reading and Dr Bloch has cleverly connected the absorbing chapters of his work with descriptive excurses that present an authoritative and well-rounded panorama of the erotic nature of the English race 



Book one

 -- Ethnological and cultural studies of the sex life in England illustrated as revealed in its erotic and obscene literature: General character of English erotica and pornography -- the Rich erotic vocabulary of the English -- Highly spiced titles of erotic books -- "Droll stories" of the monks -- Coarse obscenity in the Middle Ages: Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" -- "The palace of pleasure": a rare collection of 101 droll stories -- The erotic age of Shakespeare -- Shakespeare on prostitution and syphilis -- Sex life of the foremost English Rake: the Earl of Rochester -- the erotic works of the Earl of Rochester -- The greatest obscene drama in English literature: "Sodom", by the Earl of Rochester. Discovered among Harleian Manuscripts of British Museum -- Great erotic masters of England's age of debauchery -- Famous erotic novelists of the eighteenth century -- Contents of the greatest erotic poem in the English language: "The toast", by Dr. William King -- The greatest erotic novel in English literature: "Fanny Hill, or the Memoirs of a woman of pleasure" -- First English work on tribadism -- "The pleasures of love" -- Textbooks on the English art of love: the peculiar English mania for deflowering virgins -- "New Atlantis", escapades of the English aristocracy -- "Memoirs of a man of pleasure": the "masculine 'Fanny Hill'"-- "The fruit shop": the most humorous English erotic classic -- Love life of John Wilkes, the "Ugly Casanova": his notorious "Essay on woman", an obscene parody of Pope's "Essay on man" -- George Alexander Stevens: "The adventures of a speculist" -- "The pupil of pleasure": Samuel Johnson Pratt -- "The mysteries of Venus or lessons of love" -- Secret pornologic clubs in England -- Sixteen famous erotic and obscene works: 1780-1860 -- Secret sex life of Lord Byron: "Lord Byron's " suppressed works -- Edward Sellon: mad escapedes of the English Casanova: his obscene autobiographies -- "The amatory experiences of a surgeon" -- "My secret life": an encyclopaedia of fornication -- "Raped on the railway, social studies of the century" -- The "Ideal love" between two immortal English poets: Oscar Wilde and Lord Douglas -- "Ulysses", the anatomy of humanity--epoch-making American court decision -- "My life and loves" by Frank Harris--Greatest erotic autobiography in the world--his first completed manuscript on art and technique of love -- "Lady Chatterley's lover"--supreme modern work ennobling sex passion -- Famous works on flagellation--the racial English vice in the art of love -- Erotic folk lore and song -- English erotic and obscene magazines--contents of hundreds of periodicals -- Ideal sex life in English utopias: Bernard de Mandeville's revolutionary sex systems -- The greatest erotobibliomaniacs in England. Their fabulous erotic treasuries described

Book two 

-- Ethnological and cultural studies of the sex life in England as revealed in its erotic and obscene art : -- Nature of erotic and obscene art -- Anthropic survey of world erotic and obscene art -- History of Aretino's "Figurae Veneris" in England -- William Hogarth: Greatest erotic artist in the eighteenth century -- Greatest erotic artist on flagellation: James Gillray -- Thomas Rowlandson: Greatest of all artists in the depiction of eroticism in England -- 107 erotic and obscene engravings by Rowlandson -- Erotic art of the Cruikshank family -- Erotic art of George Morland -- Erotic art of Richard Newton -- Erotic art in the nineteenth century -- Nudity in art -- Eroticism among the Pre-Raphaelites: Dante Gabriel Rossetti -- Edward Burne-Jones -- The erotic genius of Aubrey Beardsley -- Spread of erotic and pornographic art -- Bibliography.

Book three 

-- A gallery of illustrations by the foremost geniuses of English art including facsimiles of the original love letters of Frank Harris, here printed for the first time: A private cabinet of the love letters of Frank Harris -- A private cabinet of the erotic art of the Cruikshanks -- A private cabinet of the erotic art of William Hogarth -- A private cabinet of the erotic art of Thomas Rowlandson -- A private cabinet of the erotic art of James Gillray -- A private cabinet of the erotic art of William Blake -- A private cabinet of the erotic art of Richard Newton -- A private cabinet of the erotic art of Aubrey Beardsley -- A private cabinet of the erotic art of famous English artists. Illustrating the sex life in England

the book details :
  • Author: Iwan Bloch - Translator: Richard Deniston
  • Publication date: 1934
  • Company: New York : Falstaff Press

  • Download 30 MB - With Ilustrations 
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