Struggle for Survival : Water- PDF by William B. Rice

Struggle for Survival: Water

Struggle for Survival: Water

You weren’t expecting it. You didn’t see it coming, and it caught you completely by surprise. Life has taken a sudden, drastic turn, and a new reality has taken its place. Unfortunately, in this reality, your very survival is at stake. 

You’re hungry, thirsty, tired, cold, and suddenly alone. All the resources that were easily accessible to you just a short time ago have suddenly disappeared. All the government systems and agencies that you count on regularly are unavailable. You can’t be certain what’s really going on because your ability to communicate with others is limited. Cell phones? Not now.

 There’s no water coming from your faucet. There’s no power in your home, either, so refrigeration is not an option. What about your food? What if your cupboards are empty and there’s nothing available to purchase at the stores? You must eat to survive, and you must have water. In fact, water is more important than almost anything else. But where will you get these precious things that your well-being—and your very life—depend on? What will you do, and more importantly,

survival has become a popular topic in recent years. There are television shows that depict survival situations. And there are real game shows in which survival is part of the game. You can even learn about survival in books, Internet videos, blogs, websites, and magazines. But what is survival exactly? It depends on whom you ask. 

You are likely to find many different answers. At its root, survival means to keep living. No one lives forever. But most people want to live long, enjoyable lives. Much of modern life has been dedicated to extending the human life span. At the same time, people have become dependent on industry to support survival. And we have created lifestyles that may separate us from more traditional, and perhaps even natural, ways

In a doomsday scenario with resources disappearing, would you have what it takes to find water in order to survive? Learn about the biological effects of dehydration, methods to stay hydrated, and other basic survival skills. Featuring TIME content, this high-interest book builds critical literacy skills and academic vocabulary and is purposefully levelled to engage different types of learners

the book details :
  • Author: William B. Rice
  • Company: Teacher Created Materials

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