Old St. Paul's - PDF novel by W. Harrison Ainsworth

Old St. Paul's 

Old St. Paul's

Historial Novel: History of a London grocer and his family during the years of the Plague and the Fire, rich in local and historical colour.
Founded on a rare narrative said to be written by Defoe.


I. The Grocer of Wood-street and his Family i
II. The Coffin-maker 19
III. The Gamester and the Bully 39
IV. The Interview 51
V. The Pomander-box 59
VI. The Libertine Punished 70
VII. The Plague Nurse 79
VIII. The Mosaical Rods 90
IX. The Miniature 98
X. The Duel . in

I. The Progress of the Pestilence 117
II. In what manner the Grocer victualled his House . . 130
III. The Quack Doctors ....... 140
IV. The Two Watchmen 153

book details :
  • Author: W. Harrison Ainsworth
  • Publication date 1903
  • Company: London: G. Newnes

  • Download 22 mb
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