My royal clients - PDF by Xavier Paoli

My royal clients 

Xavier Paoli
Xavier Paoli

France has been described by a latter-day historian as the holiday paradise of kings. The predilection shown by foreign potentates for visiting our country lays a heavy and a rather delicate responsibility upon its rulers. 

The French government has to take measures to ensure the safety of our royal guests and to arrange matters in such a way that a guard is kept around them which is not only constant and watchful but, at the same time, sufficiently discreet to leave them the illusion of absolute freedom when they visit France incognito, together with the satisfaction of being able to throw off all constraint and mingle unreservedly with the crowd. 

The fulfilment of this responsibility represented my task for five-and-twenty years. My duties began as soon as the government was advised, through diplomatic channels, of the approaching arrival of a sovereign or minor member of a royal house. 

I would receive from the Ministry of the Interior an official letter of appointment informing me of the place selected by our guest for his stay, the name and title under which he was travelling, the number and quality of the persons who were to accompany him, and the exact time at which the imperial or royal train would enter French territory. Furnished with these particulars, at once packed my trunk and started with my secretaries for the watering-place or other health-resort at which the industrious personage was expected. On arriving, I communicated with the prefect of the department, the mayor of the town, and the chief of the local police; I made minute enquiries concerning the people who were likely to come into contact with the royal visitor, especially the servants of the hotel at which he was to stay; I examined their papers and subjected them to an elaborate interrogatory. I next investigated the character of the foreigners living in the neighbourhood. Lastly, I studied the topography of the district. Excursions play a considerable part in the holidays of sovereigns. 

Whether they be young or old, whether they come from the south or from the north, sightseeing and tripping generally constitute their favourite pastime. From the moment of their arrival to their departure, they enjoy roaming along the roads, in carriages or on foot; they want to visit every show-place and to explore all the country round about: a king abroad is something like a schoolboy on his holidays and loves to intoxicate himself with fresh air, with the sense of space and movement.

Contents :

Introduction v
The Empress Elizabeth of Austria .... 1
King Alfonso XIII 43
The Shah of Persia 77
The Tsar Nicholas II. and the Tsaritsa Alexandra
Feodorovna • . .115
The King and Queen of Italy 147
George I. King of the Hellenes .... 176
King Edward VII 200
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands . . . 234
The late King of the Belgians . . . . 259
The English Royal Family 287
The King of Cambodia 311
Queen Victoria 329

the book details :
  • Author: Xavier Paoli
  • Translator:  Alexander Teixeira de Mattos
  • Publication date: 1911
  • Company: London, New York Hodder and Stoughton

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