How to acquire and strengthen will-power PDF book by Richard J Ebbard

 How to acquire and strengthen will-power

How to acquire and strengthen will-power

Nervous ailments which, heretofore, have defied all the powers of medical science, have at last found their master in Suggestion. Indeed, there is scarcely a nerve-specialist today but is satisfied with the wonderful efficacy of Suggestion in the treatment of maladies of this class. The renowned medical body known as the Nancy School deserves the greatest credit for this new acquisition which they have made for the benefit of medical science. 

They have thus created a unique system of therapeutics, the sphere of influence of which appears at the present day to be unbounded. Above all others, Drs. beaut and Levy are deserving of praise, for, by placing Conscious Suggestion (in the State of Wakefulness) upon a scientific basis and successfully applying it to practical purposes, they have obviated all the defects and disadvantages inherent in Suggestion in a state of hypnosis, while at the same time they have paved the way to the discovery of a course of self-treatment, the value of which it is impossible to overrate. 

Every sufferer from nervous debility may now become his own physician; his fate lies in his own hands. X To be sure, these latest achievements of Science are well-known and appreciated in professional circles, but as regards the general public — the host of sufferers most deeply concerned in these discoveries — they have had, as yet, practically no knowledge of them. 

It is the purpose of this Treatise to supply this deficiency, by giving its readers some practical hints as to Self-treatment by Self-Suggestion; the language used is as lucid and as free from technicalities as possible, so as to enable anyone clearly to understand the new method of treatment and to apply it to himself with the assurance of success. It is the author’s earnest hope that thousands of readers may be indebted to this book for enduring relief from their present afflictions.

It rests with the reader to peruse this first or theoretical part or not, as he may think fit. If (being an invalid) all he desires is to get well, no matter how he had better turn to the second or practical part at once. If, on the contrary, he wishes to know and understand the wonderful and interesting theory of Suggestive Therapy, he must give his earnest attention to the first part.

 In addition to which a thorough grasp of the theory of the subject will add to the efficacy of Suggestion in practice. The form of Suggestion here considered, viz., Suggestion in a wakeful or non-comatose — as distinguished from the hypnotic — state, is not, in itself, unknown. 

The miraculous cures of remote antiquity, the cures by conjuration, the sympathy cure, the magnetic cure, nay, the very effects of homoeopathy, are all, more or less, traceable to Suggestion. When Christ said to the man sick of the palsy, “ Arise and walk,” He was, though perhaps unconsciously, practising what is now described as Suggestive Therapy.

Author: Richard J  Hibbard
Publication Date:1903

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