The growth of a soul - PDF novel by August Strindberg

The growth of a soul 

The growth of a soul
August Strindberg

An autobiographical novel by the author
The history of John, in the Growth of a Soul, is the story of Strindberg himself, in the days when he, the ardent young poet and rebel, was rapturously reading Schiller's The Robbers, was rising above the disillusionments of life and rapidly growing in the invigorating atmosphere of learning. 

This is one of the few characters under consideration whose intellectual development we are privileged to watch, and we are reminded at every stage in the struggle that it is Strindberg himself who experienced this, and is experiencing it once more in the character of John. 

For Strindberg peeks over John's shoulder, as it were, seeing and commenting on every incident in John's career.

the book details :
  • Author: August Strindberg
  • Translator:  Claud Field
  • Publication date: 1904
  • Company:  New York: McBride, Nast

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