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The evolution of man 

The evolution of man
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The contents of this book have as their basis a series of lectures bearing the same title which were given at Yale University, during the academic year 1921-1922, under the auspices of the Society of the Sigma Xi. As President of the Yale Chapter for that year, it became my duty to arrange the program for the Society, and after considerable thought, I came to the conclusion that the previous successful series of Sigma Xi lectures, which were given in 19 16-19 17, later published by the Yale University Press, on "The Evolution of the Earth and Its Inhabitants," could be continued with interest and profit by another series in which specific consideration was given to the question of the evolution of man. Accordingly, a series of lectures were arranged as follows:. 

The first lecture, by Professor Lull, sets forth the paleontological evidence for the evolution of man. In the second. Professor Ferris gives in detail, largely from the anatomical and embryological standpoints, some of the important

evidence for evolution which is to be found in the development and structure of present-day man. The third and fourth lectures, by Professor Parker and President Angell respectively, constitute a unit in which the evolution of the highly specialized and preeminent nervous system of man together with the development of intelligence are given consideration. Professor Keller, in the fifth chapter, presents the question of evolution in the various institutions of human society, and, finally. Professor Conklin sets forth his views with regard to the trend, or future, of evolution. 

The large attendance at each of the lectures is sufficient evidence of the extreme interest in the question of the evolution of man, and it is hoped that the publication of this book will stimulate an even greater interest in this very important subject. It is believed that the main scientific facts which bear upon the question are here presented from a modern viewpoint in an interesting as well as authoritative manner.

The antiquity of man, by R.S. Lull.--The natural history of man, by H.B. Ferris.--The evolution of the nervous system of man, by G.H. Parker.--The evolution of intelligence, by J.R. Angell.--Societal evolution, by A.G. Keller.--The trend of evolution, by E.G. Conklin

the book details :
  • Author: Richard Swann Lull and others listed in contents
  • Publication date: 1922
  • Company: New Haven: Yale University Press

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