Bosnia and Herzegovina - PDF by Maude M. Holbach

Bosnia and Herzegovina: some wayside wanderings

Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is fitting that I should write the preface to this book from Dalmatia, which was my first love in the Balkans, and through which I learnt to know her sister lands, Bosnia and the Herzegovina. They are three twin sisters of almost equal though varied charms; and when you are privileged to know one, it follows as a natural consequence that you wish to know all three. 

Nature, I think, never intended them to be separated, for the inland countries need the outlet to the sea, and the coastland needs the supplies of the backcountry. From the purely aesthetic point of view even they supply each other's deficiencies — Bosnia has the primaeval forests, Herzegovina the grandest mountain scenery, Dalmatia the sunny shore and island-studded coast. 

Climatically also they are suited to be visited one after another, beginning with Dalmatia, if your visit is in the spring; for when the heat begins to be oppressive there, a few hours' train journey transports you to Mostar, where the season is some weeks later, and thence on to the much more northerly climate of Bosnia, where you can spend the whole summer, if you will, wandering in its mountains and forests, and when you weary of this gipsy life, returning to civilisation and comfort at Bad Ilidze. If your journey is in the autumn, naturally you will reverse the order of the countries. 

September and October are delightful months for Bosnia, as the autumn tints are at their best during the latter month, and are only equalled by those of the American continent. In Herzegovina, you will find blue skies and sunshine throughout November, and I write this from Ragusa in mid-December, sitting on my balcony enjoying the sunshine of mid-summer, and looking across a summer sea over the ancient towers and walls of the mediaeval town, which I described in my previous book on Dalmatia as " a dream city

the book details :
  • Author: Maude M. Holbach
  • Illustrator:  Otto Holbach
  • Publication date: 1910
  • Company:: London: J. Lane

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