Applied psychology - Complete 12 PDF books collection

Applied psychology 

Applied psychology

A series of twelve volumes on the applications of psychology to the problems of personal and business efficiency

This collection is one of the best self-improvement resources online, It was published in 1919, It illustrates how to use your mind to make the best version of yourself.  Practical techniques to do in your daily life, the collection contains 12 PDF ebooks. you can download each one separately.

Lest in the text of these volumes credit may not always have been given where credit is due, grateful acknowledgement is here made to Professor Hugo MUnsterberg, Professor Walter Dill Scott, Dr James H. Hyslop, Dr Ernst Haeckel, Dr Frank Channing Haddock, Mr Frederick W. Taylor, Professor Morton Prince, Professor F. H. Gerrish, Mr Waldo Pondray Warren, Dr J. D. ^ackenbos. Professor C. A. Strong, Professor Paul Dubois, Professor Joseph Jastrow, Professor Pierre Janet, Dr Bernard Hart and Professor G. M. Whipple, of the indebtedness to them incurred in the preparation of this work.

v.1. Psychology and achievement.--v.2. Making your own world.--v.3. Driving power of thought.--v.4. The trained memory.--v.5 Power of mental imagery.--v.6. Initiative psychic energy.--v.7. Processes and personality.--v.8. Mind mechanism.--v.9. Mind mastery.--v.10. The technique of success.--v.11. External efficiency factors.--v.12. Specific applications 

It is well enough to preach that the secret of achievement is to be found in "courage-faith" and "courage-confidence," and that the way to acquire these qualities is to assume that you have them. There is no denying the un- doubted fact that men and women have been rescued from the deepest mire of poverty and despair and lifted to planes of happy abundance by what is known as " faith." But what is " faith " ? And "faith" in What? And Why? And How? 

Obviously, we cannot achieve certain and definite results in this or any other field so long as we continue to deal with materials we do not understand. Yet fundamental that is what all men are doing today. 

Training for The elements of truth are befogged in vague and amateurish mysticism, and the subject of individual efficiency when we get beyond mere preaching and moralizing is a chaos of isms. The time is ripe for a real analysis of these important problems, — a serious and scientific analysis with a clear and practical exposition of facts and principles and rules for conduct. 

Men and women must be fundamentally trained so that they can look deep into their own minds and see where the screw is loose, where oil is needed, and so readjust themselves and their living for greater efficiency.

The embittered, the superstitious, the Virus prejudiced, all those who scorpion-like sting themselves with the virus of failure, must be given an antidote of understanding that will repair their deranged mental machinery. 

The conscientious but foolish businessman who is worrying himself into failure and an early grave must be taught the physiological effects of ideas and given a new standard of values. The profligate must be lured from his emotional excesses and debaucheries, not by moralizings, but by showing him just how these things fritter his energies and retard his progress. It must be made plain to the successful promoter, to the rich banker, how a man may be a financial success and yet a miserable failure so far as true happiness.

Download v.1. Psychology and achievement

Download -v.2. Making your own world.

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Download v4 The trained memory.

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