A glossary of scientific terms for general use - PDF (1861) by Henry Alexander

A glossary of scientific terms for general use

A glossary of scientific terms for general use

THIS GLOSSARY is intended to assist the student of scientific yorks, and the general reader, by giving the etymologies and lignifications of such words as are peculiar to the various sciences, together with those of common use having special meanings in science.

 In drawing up the work, the author has collected the definitions, wherever practicable, from the most modern standard: treatises on the different sciences. 

He has also availed himself of the assistance derivable from the " Imperial Dictionary," and the excellent "Expository Lexicon" of Dr Mayne. [n all cases he has endeavoured to give the definitions in as concise and simple a form as is compatible with clearness. 

The accentuation of the words has been carefully marked; and, the use of those unacquainted with Greek, the Greek words have been printed in both Greek and Roman characters.


the book details :
  • Author: Henry Alexander
  • Publication date: (1861)
  • Company: London, Walton and Maberly

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