Whitefriars - PDF novel by Emma Robinson

Whitefriars, or, The court of Charles II


Historical Novel:

Popish Plot, Rye House Plot, Restoration London Alsatia, the thieves' paradise; Titus Gates, Col. Blood, Shaftesbury, Buckingham, Charles II and Claude Duval. 

A glowing tableau of the Great Fire gives the keynote to this long descriptive romance, in which every outstanding person and event of the period has a due place.

From Introduction:
It is almost inexplicable why some novels that have all the elements of popularity, quite apart from their strictly literary merits, should drop suddenly and completely out of knowledge. " Whitefriars " is a story that for sheer melodramatic power, for sustained brilliance, and inexhaustible flow of sensation, has few superiors except among the greatest romances; a story that took the public by storm when it appeared in 1844 and was instantly dramatised; but is now forgotten, save by elderly people who remember it as one of their early favourites. 

" Whitefriars "is a real living book, as much as a historical romance can be alive; not, indeed, by any power of character development, but by the energy with which the characters of the story live and act. And it belongs to a class of fiction that is by no means out of fashion at the present day, for it was a product of the times when Harrison Ainsworth and Bulwer Lytton, Ct. p. R. James, and many other industrious but now forgotten writers were rivalling the fecundity of Scott, and when a rival v( theirs, Alexandre Dumas, was writing historical romance on a scale and at a rate of speed that Scott never dreamed of.

 book details :
  • Author: Emma Robinson
  • Publication date 1904
  • Company:  London, G. Routledge

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