Jacob Vanderlint on Money answers all things (1734) PDF ebook

Jacob Vanderlint on Money answers all things

Jacob Vanderlint on Money answers all things
Jacob Vanderlint essay on money answers

In his essay Money Answers all Things; ... he clearly presented some pieces of theory that later economists further developed. For example, the principle that nominal prices rise or fall depending on the abundance or lack of money.

Jacob Vanderlint figures in the history of economic literature as the author of one book. Nothing is known of the circumstances under which "Money Answers All Things" was composed, nor indeed of the life of the writer. The extreme rarity of the volume suggests that the edition was small, and the infrequent reference to it in economic literature indicates that the essay exercised no considerable influence upon contemporary thought.

 In 1810 Dugald Stewart exploiting the Earl of Lauderdale's "curious and valuable collection of rare English Tracts relating to Political Economy" noted that Vanderlint 's name "has been frequently referred to of late years.

recently Mrs Rhys Davids speaks of Vanderlint having "initiated scientific socialism in England." 5 Whatever be the accuracy of such estimates, certainly no careful study of either French or English eighteenth-century economic thought can overlook Vanderlint's performance. In the present reprint, the general appearance of the title page of the original edition has been preserved, and the original pagination indicated.

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  • Author:Jacob Vanderlint
  • Publication date:1914

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