The conventional lies of our civilization -PDF by Max Simon Nordau - (1895)

The conventional lies of our civilization 

The conventional lies of our civilization

Excerpt from the translator preface:
The success of this work, which from its very nature, can only appeal to a limited circle of readers, is something entirely without precedent, and can indeed be regarded as the literary event of this decade. -Seven editions in as many months show the excitement and eagerness with which it was welcomed by the press and public in Germany an eagerness that was only increased by the action of the Austrian government in prohibiting it and confiscating all copies of it to be found. It touches upon all the problems of the day in its arraignment of the Lies of our Civilization and discusses them with liberality and audacity which are both fascinating and refreshing. 

Although it was written originally for German readers, and views the world through Teutonic spectacles, yet we find that human nature is the same the world over and that the existing social, political and economic institutions are near if not quite so much of a lie in America as in Europe, although we can congratulate our- selves upon the fact that their restraints are not so irksome in this land of comparative liberty and plenty. 

  • Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.
  • The Lie of Religion.
  • The Lie of a Monarchy and Aristocracy.
  • The Political Lie.
  • Tlie Economic Lie.
  • The Matrimonial Lie.

the book details :
  • Author: Max Simon Nordau
  • Publication date (1895)
  • Company: Chicago: Laird & Lee

  • Download The conventional lies of our civilization 24.3 MB

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