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Secrets of meat curing and sausage making 

Secrets of meat curing and sausage making

how to cure hams, shoulders, bacon, corned beef, etc., and how to make all kinds of sausage, etc., and comply with all pure food laws

The Board of Food and Drug Inspection of the Agricultural Department, at Washington, has permitted the use of certain Curing Agents, by not objecting to their use; but, at the same time, has ruled out, for curing purposes, such chemicals as coming under the heading of Antiseptic Preservatives. As a consequence, certain chemical preservatives are prohibited in meats and meat food products if they are to be sold in the Territories or are to be shipped from one State to another, or from any State or Territory into any other State or Territory.

 For that reason, we have changed some of our former preparations and have also placed on the market several preparations that will take the place of some of our former products. These new products are Freeze-Em-Pickle,"A" Condimentine and"B" Condimentine.

They contain nothing that has been ruled out by any of the rulings or regulations under any of the Food Laws in this country. The Antiseptic Preservatives that have been ruled out are: Borax, Boracic Acid, Fluoride of Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Benzole Acid, Sulphurous Acid, Sulphite of Soda, Salicylic Acid, Abrasto 1 and Beta Naphthol. 

The use of some of these Preservatives is considered by many high authorities of the world to be harmless. However, as the majority of the Food Commissioners of this country object to their use, and have recommended to the State Legislatures and the Congress of the United States that the use of these Preservatives is prohibited by law, and the State Legislatures and the United States Congress have passed laws to this effect; these laws are now in effect and it is, therefore, the duty of every citizen of this country to obey these laws, strictly and to the letter.

 In this book, we are giving to the Butchers and Sausage Manufacturers the results of much study and experiment, to enable the Butchers and Sausage Makers and Packers to produce goods that will meet the requirements of the various food laws and yet avoid the danger of loss from turning out meat food products that might not keep the necessary length of time. Our methods are original and will produce the most excellent results. It must be remembered that meat must be handled at the proper temperature and according to certain rules, which must be followed to the letter if the Butcher desires to turn out products of the best quality and of appetizing appearance. No detail mentioned in this book is too small to merit strict attention. 

All the materials mentioned for use in these pages are in strict accordance with the various food laws. Nothing is recommended or suggested that would come in conflict with the application of the regulations under the existing food laws. We invite the correspondence of our customers and whenever they are in any doubt it will afford us much satisfaction to hear from them and to give them full information concerning any feature of their business upon which they desire our advice.

Some contents of the book:
Bacon, Advice on Curing 217
Bacon, Breakfast, How to Pump 63
Bacon, Failure in Curing, Cause of 234
Bacon, Heavy Bellies, How to Cure 62
Bacon, How to Keep for Six Months 212
Bacon, How to Keep for a Year 90
Bacon, How to Wash Before Smoking 90
Bacon, Light Bellies, How to Cure 62
Bacon, Molding, How to Prevent . . 239
Bacon, Sugar Cured Breakfast 62
Barometer, Paper, How to Make 193
Barrel Packing 112
Barrel Pork, Description of 95
Barrel Pork, How to Cure 96
Barrel Pork, Need Not Be Overhauled 97
Barrel Pork, Temperature for Curing 96
Bedbug Killer 293
Beef Cheeks, Direction for Dry Salting. 120
Beef Cheeks, How to Cure for Bologna and Frankfurts .119
Beef Cheeks, How to Cure for Canning 101
Beef Hams, How to Cure 69
Beef Hearts, How to Cure for Bologna 121
Beef Livers, How to Cure 104
Beef Tongue, Garlic Flavored 100
Beef Tongue, How to Cure 99
Beef Trimmings, How to Cure Ill
Begin Curing Meat in the Pen 32
Belly Pork, Description 95
Berliner Style Ham, How to Make 109

 book details :
  • Author: B. Heller & Co
  • Publication date:1922
  • Company:Chicago: B. Heller & Co.

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