A textbook of the history of painting - PDF (1912) by John Van Dyke

A textbook of the history of painting

A textbook of the history of painting
A textbook of the history of painting

An interesting book that illustrates the painting in all civilizations with illustrations


The object of this series of textbooks is to provide concise teachable histories of art for classroom use in schools and colleges. The limited time given to the study of art in the average educational institution has not only dictated the condensed style of the volumes but has limited their scope of matter to the general features of art history. Archaeological discussions on special subjects and aesthetic theories have been avoided. 

The main facts of history as settled by the best authorities are given. If the reader chooses to enter into particulars the bibliography cited at the head of each chapter will be found helpful. Illustrations have been introduced as sight-help to the text, and, to avoid repetition, abbreviations have been used wherever practicable. 

The enumeration of the principal (extant works of an artist, school, or period, and where they /may be found, which follows each chapter, maybe serviceable not only as a summary of an individual or school achievement but for reference by travelling students in Europe. 

This volume on painting, the first of the series, omits mention of such work in Arabic, Indian, Chinese, and Persian art as may come properly under the head of Ornament. — a subject proposed for separate treatment hereafter. In treating individual painters it has been thought best to give a short critical estimate of the man and his rank among the painters of his time rather than the detailed facts of his life. Students who wish accounts of the lives of the painters should use Vasari, Larousse, and the various encyclopedias in connection with this textbook. Acknowledgements are made to the respective publishers of Woltmann and Woermann's History of Painting, and the fine series of art histories by Perrot and Chipiez, for permission to reproduce a few illustrations from these publications.

the book details :
  • Author: John Charles Van Dyke
  • Publication date:1912
  • Company: New York: Longmans, Green

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