Notes on nursing - what it is, and what it is not (1946) by Florence Nightingale

Notes on nursing

Notes on nursing

To make available the first book on nursing by the founder of all modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, the original English edition of "Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not" has been reproduced in facsimile in 1946, eighty-seven years after its first issuance. Its basic discussion of bedside nursing, its sprightly comment, its common-sense evaluations, all preserve a distinguished background to nursing and will be read and made a valuable part of any nurse's armamentarium. 

The appearance of this facsimile reprint is the culmination of an initial suggestion from Helen G. McClelland, Director of Nursing of the Pennsylvania Hospital, plus the present scarcity of the first edition, which appeared in Lon- don over the Harrison imprint in 1859. The first available American edition followed in i860 over the imprint of D. Appleton and Company. 

This facsimile has been reproduced from the copy in the Rare Book Room of the Library of Congress, Washington, D. C, and the original date and other details have been checked with the Library of the British Museum in London. Philadelphia London Montreal Foreword The timeliness of the revival of "Notes on Nursing," the plan and purpose of which is so clearly stated in Miss Nightingale's preface, cannot be questioned. Nearly a century has passed since this woman of great vision and wide experience, as her last contribution to humanity, epitomized in terse, sometimes caustic, but always convincing language, a message to the womanhood of the world. 

It is a book which should be owned not only by every member of the nursing profession, but which should find its place in every home, not to replace the ever-increasing body of knowledge relating to the development of that priceless possession of every nation, its child-life, but because it interprets in simple terms the age-old principle of healthy living. 

It should be noted that Florence Nightingale makes very clear the distinction between persons professionally qualified for the practice of nursing and the knowledge essential for every woman to whom may come at any time a call to render nursing service in some form. Though the message of this little book is for all, to none should its appeal be stronger than to the American nurses of the twentieth century who, as teachers, as citizens, and ofttimes as mothers, have, through their acquired knowledge, the responsibilities that citizenship in a democracy implies. It is a tragic fact that, despite almost phenomenal advances in the art and science of living, ignorance, poverty and disease still obtain to a great degree. Let us hope that this little book will, in this present edition, continue its career of usefulness.

Ventilation and warming -- Health of houses -- Petty management -- Noise -- Variety -- Taking food -- What food? -- Bed and bedding -- Light -- Cleanliness of rooms and walls -- Personal cleanliness -- Chattering hopes and advice -- Observation of the sick -- Conclusion -- Appendix

 book details :
  • Author:  Florence Nightingale
  • Publication date 1947
  • Company: J.B. Lippincott Company

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