Leaves from the diary of an officer of the guards - (1854) PDF

Leaves from the diary of an officer of the guards 

Leaves from the diary of an officer of the guards
Leaves from the diary of an officer 

These papers, taken from the Diary of an Officer of the Guards, having appeared in a periodical and met with approbation, are now, for the first time, offered to the public in a collective form. They are trifles, but truthful ones. In dedicating them to the Brigade to which the Author once belonged, he cannot but remember how few re- main of those who stood in its ranks when he left them: 

" Haec data pama diu viventibus." Yet, as some of his proudest and most joyous days were passed in their ranks, he is tempted to address his recollections of former days to the present maintainers of their Sovereign's power and their Country's glory. "NlTLLI SECUNDXJS" is the well-known motto of one of their regiments. That all of them would maintain it intact and add fresh laurels to those won by their gallant forefathers, was undoubted. Their recent splendid achievement on the heights of the Alma is the proof.

Some contents:

Departure from England. Transports. Voyage to Lisbon.
Convoys. The Tagus. Massena. Figueiras. March to Coimbra 1
Lord Wellington. Sobral. French Cavalry. The Briga-
dier Massena retires. Almaguer. Causeway of Calhariz.
End of the Campaign 16
"Tolling" to Parade. Anecdotes of Wellington. Old Comrades. The Marquis de la Romana. General Alava."Captain Taylor." Strenuwitz. Campaign of 1811.
Pursuit of the Enemy. Wellington's Despatch ... 34
Casal Nova. The Napiers. Repulse of Ney. Want of pro-
visions. Action at Sabugal. Colonel Waters. Conduct of the Ministry. Entry into Spain. Almeida. Massena's Advance. Battle of Fuentes. Anecdotes ... 57
Hanoverian Hussars. French Character. Portuguese Go-
vernment. Difficulties of the Campaign. Officers. The English Cabinet. Battle of Albuera 98


Camp of St. Olaya. Fever. Sir B. Spencer. An Escapade.Antiquated Notions. Effect of a hot Climate. A Duel. The advance of the French. Gallant Rencontre. El Bodon. Puente Ghiinaldo. The retreat of both Armies . . . 131

the book details :
  • Author: Veteran Comrade
  • Publication date:1854
  • Company: London : Chapman and Hall

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