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Human nature: a psychological study

David Jordan Higgins
David Jordan Higgins

This book is an interpretation of human nature under the guide of such thinkers as Kant, Hegel, Lotze, and Bowne. Their definition that "being in action" takes the place of the old Greek conception that "be- ing is substance." The ground of all being is life-energy. Human nature is a human being; the dynamic of human nature is life- energy; and, therefore, our study of human nature is a study of human activities under the guidance of experience rather than of history or theology. 

The life of an individual cannot, of course, exhibit all the activities of human nature, but there are so many activities common to all individuals that unity of human nature may be inferred, so that our study is of the dynamics of human nature, and considers that nature as a unit. The method of this study is psychological rather than historical or theological. History records the exploits of men and not the cause of their acts; theology relates only to what men believe. We must give heed to intuition, for the facts of life, as learned through the intuitive activities of the soul, are the foundation of all knowledge. The study is suggestive, and in some in- stances is tentative. But it is put forth as possible help to the student of human nature and is open to the candid criticism of the reader. 
Few are the individuals who outlive their generation and reach the hundredth milestone; fewer still are the authors who give the new generation a volume in their centenary year. This accomplishment on the part of our author marks his book as unique and calls for congratulations that he has lived so long and wrought so well. It is a wide ground which he covers in his present treatise. 

Intelligently, boldly, and constructively he sweeps the fields of history, psychology, political economy, and religion with a style and treatment at once original and instructive. The reader, opening a page at random, will find himself interested in the particular theme reviewed, and will desire to read the further chapters of this unusual book. 

For its intrinsic worth we cannot but commend this Memorial Volume from the pen of our centenarian author. Altogether, the reader will be pleased and surprised at the evidence of vigorous intellectual activity in extreme age which is herein displayed. A new significance is given to the words of the poet which instinctively come to mind: Cato learned Greek at eighty; Sophocles Wrote his grand (Oedipus and Simonides Bore off the prize of verse from his compeers When each had numbered more than fourscore years. These are indeed exceptions; but they show How far the Gulf Stream of our life may flow Into the arctic regions of our lives, Where little else than life itself survives.


I. First Principles of Human Nature
I. Facts of Consciousness 11
II. Implication of These Facts 15
II. Analysis and Classification of Powers
III. What is Human Nature? 21
IV. Capacities of Psychic Action 25
V. The Psychology of Feelings SO
VI. The Volitional Nature 34
VII. Psychology of Rational Intelligence. ... 39
III. Anthropology
VIII. Development of Human Nature 47
IX. Oriental Psychology 54
X. Western Mentality 62
XI. Modern Psychology 69
XII. Relation of Cosmic to Psychic Nature . . 76
XIII. Unity and Continuity of Human Nature 83
IV. Religiousness in Human Nature
XIV. The Religious Capacity 91
XV. Meaning of Religious Experience 95
XVI. Philosophy of Religious Experience 104
V. Ethics of Human Nature
XVII. Standard of Morals 115
XVIII. Authority in Conscience 120
XIX. Divine Imperatives on Man 125
VI. Civic Character of Human Nature
XX. Development of Human Civilization. 137
XXI. The Ideal World-Life 144
XXII. The Ideal Manhood 152
XXIII. Divine Incarnation in Human Nature 156
XXIV. The Problem of Human Life 161
VII. Eugenics of Human Nature
XXV. Social Service Reform 173
XXVI. Civil Service Reform 181
XXVII. Industrial Reform 187
XXVIII. Democracy of Human Nature 194

the book details :
  • Author: David Jordan Higgins
  • Publication date 1916
  • Company: New York: Methodist Book Concern

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