Fundamentals of fiction writing - PDF by Arthur Sullivant Hoffman

Fundamentals of fiction writing 

Fundamentals of fiction writing

Living in so complex a civilization, we generally fail to realize how complex have become our mental habits are. We have come more and more to think upon complexities until, for the most part, the more elementary facts, processes and approaches are slighted or omitted as beneath the high development of our minds. 

However learned our thinking maybe, its foundation must be elementary thinking, and, if elementary thinking is neglected because it seems too elementary for attention, the result is likely to be unsoundness of the whole structure because it has been erected on an unsound foundation. Add to faulty thinking habits the human tendency to accept as established what has been handed down to us by our thought predecessors, dead or contemporaneous. Progress can be made only to the extent this tendency is overcome by chance or guarded against. 

Guarding against it requires particularly the close scrutiny of elementals. It is particularly unfortunate that the specialists of course being the most complex thinkers of us all, we have allowed our habit of specialization to leave to them more and more the guidance of general thought, thus drifting further and further from elementary methods of thinking. 


I By Way of Introduction
II A General Survey...
III Creating the Illusion
IV Your Readers
V Distractions
VI Clearness. ,
VII Overstrain.
VIII Convincingness
IX Holding the Reader
X Pleasing the Reader
XI Plot and Structure
XII Character,.
XIII Individuality vs. Technique.
XIV The Reader and His Imagination
XV The Place of Action in Fiction.
XVI Adaptation of Style to ]Material
Appendix: Your Manuscripts and
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  • Author: Arthur Sullivant Hoffman
  • Publication date:1922
  • Company: Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill company

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