The practical question book - (1887) PDF - by Lamont Stilwell

The practical question book  (6000 Q & A)

In presenting to teachers, students, and the public, a new Question Book, the author would call attention to the following characteristics of the work as his apology for so doing : 

Many of the question books which have already been prepared are simply sets of test questions, put together with little effort at the systematic arrangement, with brief answers, in the language and on the authority of the author. They serve fairly well the limited purpose for which they were written, namely, to be used as a test for knowledge acquired from other sources. 

The arrangement of matter and the brevity of the answers make these books unsatisfactory helps in the effort of acquiring more than the superficial knowledge of the branches of which they treat. This book is intended to serve equally well as an aid for examinations and reviews, and at the same time to be a source of scholarly information, because —

 (1) its arrangement is systematic and logical ; 
(2) the number of questions is sufficiently great to include the important and difficult points in each subject ; 
(3) the answers are of sufficient length, and being quoted from standard authorities, are entitled to the distinction of being scholarly, 

 A book that contains the best definitions and classifications that can be selected from nearly all the leading authorities cannot but be a valuable supplement to other textbooks used in the classroom. Many of the good features of all textbooks are thus suggested to the teacher; and as the name of the book and the number of the page in all cases accompanies the matter quoted, there is an opportunity for further reference if desirable. 
The use of such a book in the classroom, and the opportunity which it affords for comparing the definitions and opinions of different authors, will help to make pupils independent of any textbook, with opinions of their own, or able to quote their authority when their opinions are called into question. 

In this book, answers have been quoted from nearly three hundred textbooks, and many more have been consulted. The aim has been to select only from the best, and where standard books have differed widely, two or more answers have been given to the same question. 

In the use of such a book, the teacher is introduced to the latest and best authorities on the various branches he is required to teach. He learns to investigate and to compare merits, and at the same time secures the benefits of an extensive acquaintance with a wide range of reference books on those subjects. 

The fact that these questions are systematically arranged, that they include the vital points in each of the branches treated, and that they have been selected only from standard authorities, makes such a book valuable to all as a work of reference and as a handbook of general information, worthy a place in the library or on the family book-shelf.

 As a work for teachers, no little importance is attached to the chapter on Practical Pedagogy. The aim of its preparation has been to ask such questions as will bring out in their answers the relations between Psychology and Pedagogy, and to emphasize those principles of Psychology which should be applied in the theory and practice of teaching. 

The additional questions on School Management are intended to discover the practice and to show the principle which underlies the best modern methods. The arrangement of these questions has been carefully studied, and answers have been selected only from unquestionable authorities. 

This chapter is intended to be of special benefit to the great mass of teachers who have begun the work of teaching without special training in these sciences.

Inasmuch as it contains nothing original, the compiler should not be censured for egotism in thus introducing the Practical Question Book. He could do no less injustice to the valuable works from which its matter has been selected, and on the merits of which he rests its claim to attention.

the book details :
  • Author:Lamont Stilwell 
  • Publication date: 1887
  • Company: The Educational Publishing Company

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