The home library of useful knowledge - (1891) PDF by Richard S. Peale

The home library of useful knowledge (Encyclopedia)

The home library of useful knowledge
The home library of useful knowledge 

A condensation of fifty-two books in one volume: constituting a complete cyclopaedia of reference, historical, biographical, scientific and statistical; embracing the most approved and simple methods of self-instruction in all branches of popular education

Gibbon has well said: "Every man has two educations: one which he receives from others, and one, more important, which he gives to himself." Sir Walter Scott emphasizes the sentiment when he says, using almost the same words: "The best part of every man's education is that which he gives to himself." 

The mind has been endowed with no more laudable or profitable ambition than that of self-improvement. The educated man, in every walk of life, carries with him his own capital—a capital unaffected by monetary crises; an investment whose interest is not regulated by the success of speculation; a treasure which none can dispute and of which none can deprive him. 

It is his greatest source of pleasure and profit, and it is the best legacy he can leave to his children. In preparing the present volume, it has been the endeavour of the publishers to omit no branch of study that may be useful in the busy life of these busy times, and a perusal of the book will convince the reader that every subject has been treated concisely and thoroughly, presenting in an attractive shape all those points that go to make a finished education. 

Practical application to the affairs of life has been constantly kept in view, and throughout has been maintained a systematic arrangement making reference easy, and a degree of artistic typography pleasing to the eye, making the search for knowledge doubly pleasurable. To the youth who has not had the advantages of early education is here offered a means of thorough self-instruction—a complete commercial college-bound in a book. 

The businessman who consults these pages will find every variety of forms used in business life, and will not seek in vain for such legal information as may be needed. The professional man will have in this work a vade mecum of useful and practical information, saving both the expense of purchasing and the time of consulting a vast number of volumes. It is customary to burden the initial pages of a new publication with apologies. 

The publishers of this book have none to make. They have invested a large amount of diligent, painstaking labour and research, and no small amount of capital, and recognize the fact that they must depend upon merit and excellence for success.

book details :
  • Author: Richard S. Peale
  • Publication date: (1891)
  • Company: Chicago, The Home Library Association

  • Download 67 MB - PDF ebook
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