The care of the body - PDF- by Francis Cavanagh

The care of the body 

The care of the body

The assumption is made, as much in the professional medical curriculum as in the life of the ordinary citizen, that there is a universal comprehension of all those matters which make up the commonplaces of existence. 

It is our British habit to assume with the equally indifferent justification that every Briton knows the Law.  But though knowledge of neither the law of the land nor the laws of nature is necessary to the individual who follows these, however blindly, the day is passing when conscious hygiene can be ignored. 

Man's inhumanity to himself, induced by too great attention to inessentials,  has caused the need. More and more he has allowed his sleep, his clothing, his exercise to be moulded into the forms and times which other faculties have called convenient: light is light whatever its source, and to be used unquestioningly since it is only " natural " for eyes to see!  

With easy optimism, it has been assumed that short of actual dazzling or deafening there is little need to study the work that harasses our organs of principal sense. In the following pages an attempt is made to show how, first of all, in caring for the body it is needful to examine our daily ways. 

On account of the variety of the subjects — a variety which precludes any definite sequence from chapter to chapter — no logical order is possible; but loosely strung as they are it is hoped that the thread of practical hygiene which connects them while it extenuates the form, will account for the writing and possibly even justify their being read. 

book details :
  • Author:Francis Cavanagh
  • Publication date: 1907
  • Company: London, Methuen

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