A guide to mediumship, and psychical unfoldment - E. W. Wallis - PDF ebook

A guide to mediumship, and psychical unfoldment

Having been frequently asked, during the last twenty-five years, for information and advice concerning Mediumship and its Development, we have constantly felt the want of a suitable handbook which we could recommend to inquirers and to those who were developing their own mediumistic powers, or assisting in the development of others. 

As this need has grown more and more pressing with the increasing number of investigators into Spiritualism we have endeavoured to produce a clear, practical, and serviceable 'Guide,' embodying the most comprehensive explanations and the best counsel that we are able to give, derived from our own experiences and inspirations, and from those of other writers, both English and American.   

We have found it advisable to divide this ' Guide ' into three distinct parts, and, although this arrangement has compelled us to present matters from different points of view, we feel assured that our readers will recognise the advantages that have been gained by the separate consideration of the many problems involved.   

We cordially suggest to those readers who desire further information that they should become Members (or Associates)  of the London Spiritualist Alliance, and thus gain access to the best library in the world devoted to Spiritualism and psychical subjects generally. 

The weekly journals of the  Spiritualistic movement ' Light ' and the ' Two Worlds '  are always open for the consideration of questions from inquirers, and should be subscribed for by those who seriously intend to study the subject, and desire to find an answer to the ever-pressing questions, 

' Where are the dead ? ' and  ' What fate awaits us when we die ? '  Commending this work to the kindly consideration of  Spiritualists, and to the thoughtful study of inquirers, we send it forth to the world, with, we trust, the blessings of the angels, in the hope that it may prove helpful to many of our brothers and sisters who are seeking for ' Light, more Light! 

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  • Author: E. W. Wallis - M. H Wallis,
  • Publication date
  • Company:London : Office of 'Light'

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