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Practical Philosophy - G. Ranga Reddy - PDF ebook

Practical Philosophy

Practical Philosophy


We who are in ‘the last stage of civilisation constantly confronting us with riddle after riddle concerning either our living or lives, ought to know if how we live we make our lives worth living and ought to endeavour to n^ake the best of our lives, by making the most of our lot. Our powers which are by the force of habit adjusted to a life of claims and counterclaims, have to be adjusted to a life of integration and to attain the same a drastic and universal process of change is necessary.

 Life is what we make it and it is idle to look to the hand of Destiny and leave our lot to the winds. In the present world where life appears most complicated and paradoxical, our salvation lies in practical philosophy founded on practical wisdom shaking off the age-old superstitions, impracticable religious sentiments and modern sensuous desires and passions looming large a net of entanglement encircling one and all. men should be attracted and directed from the present beaten track or the restless rut of his life to the one of rectitude and righteousness by disillusioning him from all illusions and making him self-reliant and duty conscious. 

Self-conceit and self-deceit practised in the name of religion, land us in degradation and degeneracy only. It is futile to look for anything more than a faithful faith as the best divinity, good life as the best religion, a clear conscience as the best law, integrity, industry and dutifulness as the best philosophy. Nobody is certain of the existence of Heaven or Hell to invite after death but it is certainly in our own hands to make heaven or hell of our lives of. each of us living. 

Our deeds determine us as much as we determine our deeds. Life reflects back the image we show to life. Plan your future so that you will have a good past. Our present malady and malaise become more and more malignant when we forget our ideals, objectives and principles and begin to wander away from the path of rectitude which alone can lead to self-integration and peace of mind. 

This book holds the key to the question of how you achieve the desired end in life. “The steeds of senses that draw the chariot of life; Serve you well If saddled and strained fast. Stay stupidly sterile if strayed into mire and mirth.

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  • Author: G. Ranga Reddy

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