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Occult philosophy

Occult philosophy
Occult philosophy by Isabella Ingalese 

In taking up a new study, or in extending an old one, a person is frequently confronted with views that may not harmonize with his preconceptions. In this book, originally issued as a course of lectures, there is much which disagrees with the now accepted theological, often mistakenly called "religious," social and scientific opinions and theories. 

A liberal and progressive man, without bias, will examine new ideas before passing judgment upon them. I, therefore, expect each student to withhold judgment until the end of the Course and until he is satisfied that he understands the presentation of the Occult Philosophy. 

The Course naturally divides itself into two parts. Anthropology and Cosmogony. The former being more within the realm of common knowledge and experience will naturally appeal more quickly to the general reader than will the latter. It must be admitted, however, that modern science is sadly at sea concerning Cosmogony since it offers several conflicting theories concerning the same. Most religionists have abandoned the Cosmogony of Genesis, as it is commonly interpreted and understood. In the absence, there

fore, of what the world usually regards as authoritative teachings on the subject, the Cosmogony of Occultism may supply, at least, a working hypothesis which is both as scientific and philosophic as is that offered by either modern science or religion. To those who can accept the Anthropology herein contained, but not the Cosmogony, I — like Galileo, who attempted to teach the construction and order of the Universe to the learned men of his time, can but assert the truth, praying the unconvinced reader, as he did the Grand Duke, ''to consider it as mere poetry, or as a dream; nevertheless, as the poets sometimes set a value upon their fancies, so I, likewise, have certain esteem for this my novelty.
' I recommend the student to observe the follow- ing method of study as far as possible: Read slowly an entire lecture and then read all references cited in the lecture.

Afterwards re-read the entire lecture in view of such sidelights. Divide the lecture into seven, or several, portions; and read one portion each day, and meditate upon the portion read. Those who will observe this suggestion will find much more in the Course than will those who do not. This course is intended to act as a door through which the man, or mind, enters the current of Philosophic Truth in the Divine Consciousness, Preface ix which will Itself instruct and illumine each individual mind according to its desire and ability to receive enlightenment. 

There is nothing original on the part of the undersigned in the Philosophy set forth in this Course. Being true, it has always existed. If it appeals to you as true, accepts it, and if you accept it, solemnly resolve to live up to it. If it does not appeal to you as true, then you at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you have become acquainted with the Oldest Philosophy in the World, and one which has been handed down literally from time immemorial. I hold myself responsible for the correct presentation of the Philosophy, as it was taught to me; and assert that my experience and observation during a long period of the study of Occultism — of thirty years — verify its truth.

  • I The Relation of Sex . . . 1
  • II Marriage 27
  • III Parenthood 58
  • IV Physical, and Psychic Development 89
  • V Mental and Spiritual Development 118
  • VI Focusing Forces .... 143
  • VII Mental Repulsion .... 167
  • VIII Mental Attraction .... 196
  • IX Death 223
  • X After Death 253
  • Index 295

book details :
  • Author: Isabella Ingalese 
  • Publication date:: 1920

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