Letters from Portugal, Spain, & France - by S. D. Broughton - ebook

Letters from Portugal, Spain, & France

Letters from Portugal, Spain, & France

These letters were written during the campaigns of 1812, 1813, & 1814, addressed to a friend in England. Describing the leading features of the provinces passed through and the state of society, manners, habits &c. of the people.

The following letters were written originally at the request of a domestic circle of friends. 

The Author is aware that they possess very slender claims only to literary merit and anticipates many objections that may be raised on the score of presumption, against his offering them to the Public, which would probably have greatly swayed with him in entirely suppressing them if the lively interest was recently taken in everything relating to the countries through which he passed, joined to the wishes, and perhaps partial commendation, of his friends, had not induced him to adopt an opposite resolution. 

During the progress of a long march, commenced at Lisbon, and terminated at Boulogne, omprehending a tract of between fifteen hundred and two thousand miles, it was from these sources that he has been enabled to collect materials sufficient for the following series of Letters to his friends. Whatever may be its merits in other respects, it is at least entitled to that of unbiassed veracity, as the Author has scrupulously abstained from recording anything that did not immediately come within the sphere of his own observation, or upon the truth of which his own experience had not taught him to rely on. 

Throughout the Letters, the Author, from very obvious reasons, has studiously avoided giving any informa- tion, or expressing any opinion, upon military affairs, any farther than was necessary to give a general idea of events which it was desirable to notice slightly. In conclusion, the author feels it to be due to his own character to state, that the speculations and prospective. observations, which from time to time he has been disposed to indulge in, re- lative to the ultimate consequences of our successes in Spain, and the occupation of Paris by the Allied Armies, were written, it is well known, at a period long prior to the melancholy events which have since actually occurred.

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  • Author: S. D.  Broughton
  • Publication date 1815

  • Download  13 MB - PDF ebook

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