Intensifying similes in English - Hilding Svartengren (1918)

Intensifying similes in English 

Intensifying similes in English

It was originally my intention to start an inquiry on a rather large scale, but my attempts in this direction soon made it evident that owing to causes needless to dwell upon, postal conditions and other circumstances could not make such an inquiry an unqualified success. Nevertheless, I have to thank Miss Edith Underwood, of Durham, and several correspondents of Notes & Queries for many 'Valuable replies. Hadith said of his Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases that he had 'spared no pains to make it satisfactory and complete. 

But I do not think that any collection of this kind can ever be 'satisfactory and complete'. That would require, in the first place, a far more intimate acquaintance with English language and Literature and English life generally than can be expected from a person not the horn to a life-long intimacy with things English. It is only natural that my nationality should peep through both in matters of style and of treatment. And, further, it is often extremely difficult, even for an English person, to decide whether a phrase is proverbial or individual or occasional. 

In this respect, I have preferred to err on the side of too much rather than to be too niggardly, as many similes that I had suspected to be simply nonce-phrases after some time was found to be p)^'overbial, and the same thing may apply to many similes represented only by one instance. It is also in many cases difficult to say whether a phrase is a literal comparison or metaphorical, i. e. a proverbial simile. (See Introduction). 

Some contents:
Abbreviations of Works Consulted X
Other abbreviations XXI
Introduction XXII
A Song of New Similes 1Similes Referring to Mind and Character.
Innocence and Good Character i
Bad or Mean Character 7
Honest, Faithful, Trustworthy 9
Open, Straightforward 13
Chaste 13
Lecherous, Lewd, Common 14
False, Fickle 20
Flattering, Fawning, Smooth-spoken 25
Sane 26
Wise 26
Clever, Crafty, Cunning, 27
Mad, Crazy 35
Fond (= silly, foolish) 43
Foolish, Stupid 44
Dull 53
Melancholy, Gloomy 54
Grave, Stiff 59
Calm, Steady, Unflinching 60
Good-natured. Mild, Gentle, Patient 62
Modest, Bashful 66
Polite, Civil 68
Glad, Merry 69
Happy, Pleased, Content 77
Laughing, Simpering, Grinning 7B
Proud, Haughty 80
Vain 85
Fastidious, Nice 8o
Jealous, Vindictive 86

book details :
  • Author: Hilding Svartengren 
  • Publication date: 1918
  • Company: Lund, Gleerupska universitetsbokhandeln

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