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How to make perfect coffee

How to make perfect coffee

There is only one test you apply to the coffee you serve in your restaurant. Do the people like it? Do they go away saying, "That was a delicious cup of coffee"? 

Coffee is, after all, a very important part of a good meal. If the coffee is not good, patrons will get the feeling that something was wrong, something not quite up to standard. On the other hand, when the coffee is supremely good, it will impress itself strongly and bring patrons back to you, smiling in anticipation of a real treat. ' We have all had the coffee crank say to us at some time or other, "Let's go around to Blanks for lunch. Did you ever try the coffee there? It's fine!"

 The test of your coffee is whether you send coffee lovers away with a grin or a grouch. And the secret of good coffee is all in one word — flavour. FLAVOR FOR people who do not know coffee, the perfect flavour — the rich, real coffee flavour — is a hard thing to capture. 

But once you understand the nature of coffee, and get the right coffee — it becomes simple. The flavour depends on these two things. The first thing you must have is quality in your coffee. It is not necessary to pay an extravagant price— but your coffee should be the product of experts. It should be selected from the finest types and kinds and blended with a skill that brings out the genuine essence of each kind of coffee that goes into it. 

Then the blend must be roasted as carefully as the noted chef will prepare a sauce or a pudding. Modern coffee production has standardized the processes of the coffee factory, but the quality itself is never standardized. Quality depends on men — and every coffee roaster will have a different standard. 

The second thing of utmost importance to serving delicious coffee is the preparation. There was an old Chinese philosopher who declared that, next to the spoiling of fine children by false education, the worst practice he knew was "the spoiling of fine tea by false manipulation." To the Chinese, tea was a national institution. 
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  • Author: W. S. Quinby
  • Publication date:1922

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