Health and beauty - John V. Shoemaker - PDF (1908)

Health and beauty

Health and beauty
Health and beauty 

Health and beauty are closely allied, and nowhere so clearly as in the condition of the skin. A pure skin, being an important element of human beauty as well as of health, should therefore be a subject of much interest to mankind. The fundamental laws of health apply to this envelope of the body, the skin, with as much stringency as to parts that lie beneath it, all nourished by the blood coursing through every part of the body with greater or less efficacy according to whether or not they are in good condition from the diet, ablution, and many other circumstances. 

The life of no organ can be considered apart from other components of the body. The skin is quick to reflect the disorder of other portions of the organism. No wonder that this is so, for, as Herbert Spencer remarks, it is that surface by which we come in contact with the universe!

 A large element in personal beauty consists in the nature and condition of the skin. Excellence in these, associated with elegance of form and sprightliness of action, can even dispense with the regularity of features in the production of harmonious and attractive bodily attributes, so it becomes apparent that, to some degree, we all have our looks under command. 

In consequence of this and other facts, the author purposes, in successive chapters, to point out to the reader the various methods by which health may be influenced by climate, diet, clothing, ventilation, bathing, and exercise. He will incidentally call attention to the deleterious effects of certain habits, and include brief descriptions of diseases that frequently invade the skin, not neglecting, in this connection, mention of the eruptive diseases of childhood. The diseases to which the hair and nails are subject wills here also receive attention. Finally, the legitimate employment of cosmetics will be defined, and choice formulae are given for their preparation.

It is hardly necessary to add what should seem to every- one a matter of course, that the author is indebted for some of his material to distinguished writers on the above-mentioned themes, and to medical and pharmaceutical authorities of the highest class. 

This work, although written from a medical standpoint, will not overlook, but will expressly include aesthetic considerations, which nature itself presents in connection with the subject. In consequence, some space in it will be found devoted to discussion of the principles of beauty in various departments of art. As artists have seen beauty, they have depicted it, and in so doing, have aided the mass of men in recognizing its principles. 

As closely related to beauty, not in the abstract, but in the concrete, a chapter will be devoted to the influence of beauty in human society, illustrated, in the case of literature, by quotations drawn from works of poetry and fiction recognized by the whole world as standard.

Some Contents of the book:

Description of the physical and physiological character of the skin.


The hair and nails. Difference of the hair in the Caucasian and other races. Description of the growth and the constitution of the hair. The colour of the hair is affected by climate. Description of the constitution and growth of the nails. The beauty of the nails when properly treated.

The uses of the superposed skins described the true skin, scarf-skin, and the skin as a whole. Their relation to atmospheric conditions in maintaining equableness in the temperature of the body. The effect of moist heat upon the body. The normal temperature of the body. The excretory function of the skin. Death produced by its artificial stoppage. Perspiration. 
The oily matter of the skin, known as sebum. Respiration by means of the skin. Its tactile sensibility. Highly developed tactile sensibility in the blind and among persons following certain occupations. Insensibility and perversions of the sense of touch. Appreciation by the skin of various degrees of temperature. The difference in susceptibility to pain among different races and in different conditions among mankind. Occurrence among the insane of insensitiveness of skin. The influence of the mind upon a perception of physical injury.
 Excessive itching is indicative of functional derangement of the nervous system. Electric currents are generated in the skin. The odour of the human body. The light emanating from a human body. The advantage of the hair simply as a covering of certain portions of the body; considered as a protection to the head, and, as beard, to the throat. Its elasticity is somewhat protective against blows. Its profusion on the head protects against the bites of insects In tropical regions, and its distribution on the eyelashes is protective against fine particles of foreign matter. The hair's function of a certain degree of elimination of effete products of the body.

The various factors upon which beauty of complexion depends. The skin's variable thickness and texture in different individuals. The prime condition of a good complexion lies in the condition of the blood and the nervous system. 
The translucency of the scarf-skin. The scarf skins are dependent on colour upon the pigment derived from its lowest layer. The abundance of the sparsity of pigment is what makes the difference in colouring among the various races of mankind. 

The influence of climate upon the colour of the scarf-skin. The effect of the richness of the arterial and venous circulation below the scarf-skin is to illuminate It by means of their final capillaries. Nerve fibres accompany every secreting gland and blood vessel. Description of the nervous system of the body as a whole. 
The vasomotor system of the body. Its function In the nutrition of every portion of the body's tissues. The higher vasomotor centres are connected with emotional manifestation.

book details :
  • Author: John V. Shoemaker
  • Publication date 1908
  • Company: Philadelphia, F. A. Davis

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