Greek and Roman Stoicism - by Charles Davis - PDF (1903)

 Greek and Roman Stoicism

Greek and Roman Stoicism
Greek and Roman Stoicism

and some of its disciples: Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius

Stoicism was the noblest system of morals developed within the pale of Greek philosophy. For over two centuries it was the creed, if not the philosophy, of the Roman people, whose type of character from the first was moulded on the Stoic lines. 

The multitude of great and memorable truths taught by the Spanish courtier, the Phrygian slave, and the Roman emperor, inculcating as they did the loftiest morality, high standards of action, of absolute self-sacrifice for the sake of virtue, and representing most powerfully the moral and religious convictions of the age, no doubt prepared the way for Christianity, as well as tinctured the thought of modern ages. Stoicism contributed to the noblest men and the loftiest conceptions of virtue and morality that we meet with in history before the time of Paul. 

In fact, Stoicism is not only a system of philosophy, but also of religion, and as such, it was regarded by its first adherents. In order that the reader may better comprehend the origin and progress of the Stoic doctrines, a brief account is given of the Greek religion and philosophy, both of which undoubtedly had a considerable influence upon the rise of the Stoic philosophy. 

The selections from Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius have been made with great care, and they comprise some of the noblest thoughts of these disciples of Stoicism.


  • Preface vii
  • 'The Greek Religion 3
  • Greek Philosophy 19
  • Greek Philosophy Socrates 34
  • Founders of Stoicism 4$<
  • Doctrines of Stoicism 06
  • Roman Stoicism 85
  • Roman Jurisprudence 103
  • Relation to Christianity in-
  • Some Roman Stoics :
  • Epictetus 131
  • Seneca 145
  • Marcus Aurelius 163
  • Selections from Epictetus 188
  • Selections from Seneca 220
  • Selections from Marcus Aurelius 245

book details :
  • Author: Charles Henry Stanley Davis
  • Publication date  (1903) 
  • Company: Boston, H. B. Turner & co.

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