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The freedom of life 

The freedom of life
The freedom of life 

Interior freedom rests upon the principle of non-resistance to all the things which seem evil or painful to our natural love of self But non-resistance alone can accomplish nothing good unless, behind it, there is a strong love for righteousness and truth. 

By refusing to resist the ill will of others or the stress of circumstances, for the sake of greater usefulness and a clearer point of view, we deepen our conviction of righteousness as the fundamental law of life and broaden our horizon so as to appreciate varying and opposite points of view. The only non-resistance that brings this power is the kind that yields mere personal and selfish considerations for the sake of principles. Selfish and weak yielding must always do harm. 

Unselfish yielding, on the other hand, strengthens the will and increases the strength of purpose as the petty obstacles of mere self-love are removed. Concentration alone cannot long remain wholesome, for it needs the light of growing self-knowledge to prevent its becoming self-centred. 

Yielding alone is of no avail, for in itself it has no constructive power. But if we try to look at ourselves as we really are, we shall find great strength in yielding where only our small and private interests are concerned and concentrating upon living the broad principles of righteousness which first directly or indirectly affect all those with whom we come into contact.

The freedom of life.--How to sleep restfully.--Resistance.--Hurry, worry, and irritability.--Nervous fears.--Self-consciousness.--The circumstances of life.--Other people.--Human sympathy.--Personal independence.--Self-control.--The religion of it.--About Christmas.--To mothers.

book details :
  • Author: Annie Payson Call 
  • Publication date:  1905
  • Company:Boston: Little, Brown, and company

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