Collier's cyclopedia of social and commercial information (1882) - PDF ebook

Collier's cyclopaedia of social and commercial information

Collier's cyclopaedia

There is no period in the history of the United States that has the necessity for a cheap but perfect Cyclopedia of Useful Knowledge been so imperative. So keen is the competitive spirit of the age, that the advantage of knowledge in the struggle for advancement is apparent to all. 

A good education is the best legacy we can leave to our children. It is the best investment we can make for ourselves. The educated man, in every walk of life, carries with him his own capital — a capital unaffected by monetary crises — an investment whose interest is not regulated by the success of speculation — a legacy which none can dispute, and of which none can deprive him. This is essentially a practical book. Its aim and object is to enable people to educate themselves. 

The ambition of the Publisher is to place in every American home this treasury of knowledge, invaluable as a manual of study and a work of reference; and while it is simple, progressive and interesting in style, is a veritable power, from the manner in which it enforces education. A reference to the list of contents will show, that under various heads are included those numerous branches of study essential to the varied walks of life, while its social forms convey those instructions which so qualify persons of both sexes for appear- ing to the highest advantage in society. 

Collier's Cyclopedia and Veritable Treasury of Knowledge contains a complete digest of Mercantile Law, together with forms of Legal Documents, Government Bonds, and a dictionary of law terms, enabling every man to become his own lawyer. The newest and best system of Phonography is copiously illustrated. Bookkeeping in all its branches; arithmetic and algebra, together with a lightning calculator, form prominent features in this invaluable work

The Complete Letter Writer is a gem in its way; and the selections of English prose and verse, from the works of the most renowned authors, are as chaste as they are elegant and classical. A very important section in this Treasury of Knowledge is the self-teaching of French and German, and the self instructor — illustrated — for the Piano and the singing voice. 

The Golden Rules of Etiquette will prove invaluable to those desirous of entering into, and shining in society; and the indoor games, parlour magic, etc., will serve to render the winter nights "bright as day;" while the outdoor, comprising gymnastics, riding, driving, etc., cannot fail to work the most beneficial and healthful results to those who are enabled to profit by the instruction. 

The laws of health also form a portion of the Cyclopedia; nor have the all-important items of agriculture or gardening been omitted. A glance at the Index will convey some slight idea of the numerous and varied subjects which the compiler has dealt with. 

Never within the scope of any one volume have so many subjects been so skilfully compressed, each of which is handled in so able a manner as to render its study a source of intense enjoyment, while affording the most advanced information. 

The Publisher has spared no expense in editing and illustrating, while the volume, for beauty, finish and cheapness, is a marvel of taste and progress.

some contents :

Grammar '. 1
A Compendious English Grammar 7
Synonyms of Words in General Use 33
Select Short Prose Quotations 52
Poetical Quotations 69
French, Self-Taught 96
German, Self-Taught 113
A Guide for the Piano-Forte Player 127
A Practical Guide for Singers 154
Hints to Stammerers -  165
Penmanship 167
Phonography, or Short Hand 176
Languages l8l
The Letter Writer 183
Various Forms of Invitations 195
Speeches 200
Toasts and Sentiments 203
Bookkeeping 207
Arithmetic 221
Arithmetical Amusements 228
The Lightning Calculator 234
Algebra 242
Gymnastics '. 249
Riding 262
Driving 268
Lessons in Bicycle Riding 272
Swimming, 277
Drowning 281
Rowing 283
Mercantile Law 288
Forms of Legal Documents 3^4
Government Bonds 314
Dictionary of Law Terms 317
Miscellaneous Tables 330
Brief History of the United States 351
Declaration of Independence 366
Constitution of the United States 368
Out-Door Games 375
Parlor Games 390
Games of Cards 391
Games of Skill 414
Parlor Magic 431
Physics without Appliances 444
Astronomy 449
The Rules of Debate and How to Conduct One 455
Phrenology 471
Knots and Splices 477
A Full Rigged Ship 482
Home Studies for Young Ladies 483
Architecture 488
The Atmosphere 495
How to get up a Fair 497
Proverbs and Old Sayings 509
Agriculture 525
Cattle 541
The Horse 545
Poultry 563
The Cultivation of Fruit 577
Carving  585
Etiquette for Ladies 589
Etiquette for Gentlemen 597
Etiquette for Party and Ball-room 604
Etiquette of Courtship and Matrimony 617
Etiquette of Mourning 627
Golden Rules 631
The Language of Flowers 636
How to Preserve your Health 645

book details :
  • Author: Nugent Robinson
  • Publication date: 1882
  • Company: New York

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