Complete works of Robert G. Ingersoll - 12 PDF ebooks

Complete works of Robert G. Ingersoll 

Complete works of Robert G. Ingersoll
Complete works of Robert G. Ingersoll

This is a collection of Robert G. Ingersoll's books in 12 Volumes 

The life of Robert G. Ingersoll has been one of exceeding activity and success. I do not claim for it perfection, because to err is human, and it would be in the nature of a miracle if a man could be found in whom there is no fault — and when it is remembered how often the “Pandora box of contumely” has been opened on the head of Mr Ingersoll, it becomes a mystery to all, except to those who have been admitted within the charmed circle of his confidence, how he has preserved that almost divine equanimity which makes him cheerful and forgiving amidst volleys of cruel criticism.

 I write of Mr Ingersoll because I have had repeated opportunities to know and to study his acts and utterances away from the glare and blare of great assemblages where his splendid oratory and magnetism compel applause — where every appearance secures an ovation and where men and women of great intellect and refinement deem it a privilege to pay him such tributes of esteem and affection as only genius commands. It was needless to write of such occasions.

The civilized world is familiar with the exuberant satisfaction which the people display when Mr IngersolPs oratory touches all the keys of the heart and mind, compelling responses akin to those which the great masters extort from cathedral organs. In the rule of orator Mr Ingersoll has Trod the way of glory And sounded all the depths and shoals of fame. In that direction, there is nothing left to tempt his ambition. The world has crowned him as the most daring in the flights of fancy and poetic imagery. Hia soarings are those of the bird of Jove, and in the domain of his imagination, he Wings his course from star to star, 

From world to luminous world as far As the universe spreads its flaming walls, And brings back gems of truth and justice which dazzle and bewilder beholders. His are Thoughts that breathe and words that burn. And for the time being his audiences under the spell of his enrapturing oratory are moulded and fashioned into worshipers such as the modern world has seldom been called upon to contemplate. It may be said and should be said, that Mr IngersolPs life work has been to destroy degrading shams and superstitions. 
(Eugene V. Debs)

Robert G. Ingersoll, (born Aug. 11, 1833, Dresden, N.Y., U.S.—died July 21, 1899, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.), American politician and orator known as “the great agnostic” who popularized the higher criticism of the Bible, as well as a humanistic philosophy and scientific rationalism.

book details :
  • Author: Robert G. Ingersoll 
  • Editor: C. P Farrell, 
  • Publication date 1901
  • Company: New York: Ingersoll and The Dresden publishing

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