The modern book of French verse in English translations - by Albert Boni

The modern book of French verse in English translations (Poetry) 

The modern book of French verse

This anthology is more correctly a compilation of translations selected primarily for those who have no means of enjoying French poetry in the original.

 Expanded from a collection gathered originally for personal pleasure, it is my belief that most of the selections here included are of high poetical merit, fully capable of standing squarely on their own feet as adequate renderings of the original. Where this claim seems extravagant, the reader is asked to accept the selection as one of several that were included to give the volume the proper proportions that an anthology such as this must possess. In such cases, it was deemed better that our poet is inadequately represented than not at all.

 A translation fairly literal, though lacking in the lyrical quality we should desire, is, at any rate, an aid to the appreciation of the original, and we hope that these versions will lead some readers back to their source. Acknowledgments are due to many publishers for their generous authorizations in the use of copyrighted material. 

In particular, I wish to acknowledge my indebtedness to Charles Scribner's Sons for the selections from "The Poems of George Meredith" and "The Hermit of Carmel" by George Santayana; B. W. Huebsch for "The Bell of Dawn" by Paul Fort from "The Poets of Modern France" by Ludwig Lewisohn; Doubleday, Page and Company for selections from "The Collected Poems of James Elroy Flecker"; Alfred Knopf for translations from "Lustra" by Ezra Pound; John Lane and Company for many translations by Arthur Symons and Ernest Dowson; Brentano's for Lafcadio Hearn's translation of "Clarimonde" by Theophile Gautier; The Walter Scott Publishing Company for selections from "Contemporary French Poetry" by Jethro Bithell; Thomas Bird Mosher XV XVI NOTE for innumerable selections taken from "The Bibelot," which has proved a veritable treasure-house for material unobtainable elsewhere.
Author: Albert Boni
Publication date: 1920

Download The modern book of French verse - PDF -  7.4 MB.

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