The master book of soups- PDF by Henry Smith

The master book of soups, featuring 1,001 titles and recipes

The master book of soups

Although commercially canned soups are excellent and convenient, there are still several good reasons for making soup in one's own kitchen. In the first place, as many as 1,001 varieties are not obtainable in cans. 

Again, homemade soups are less expensive, particularly as leftovers are generally utilized in preparing them. Thirdly, the flavors of canned soups are necessarily bland, because they must please (or at least not offend) the taste of thousands, whereas homemade soups can be made to appeal to just oneself and one's guests. 

Every country has at least one soup that attains perfection. Personal taste is the chief factor in appreciation, 


1 Introduction page 1
2 The Service and Garnishing of Soups 5
3 Stocks ' 11
4 Bouillons 14
5 Consommes. 17
6 Borshch Soups 47
7 Broths 49
8 Cleared Soups .- 55
9 Chowders 59
10 Cream Soups 67
11 Cremes 81
12 Fish Soups and Bisques ' 96
13 Potages 112
14 Purees 137
15 Thick Soups 148
16 Miscellaneous Soups 155
Index .218

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