Steve Yeager by William MacLeod Raine - PDF novel

Steve Yeager 

Steve Yeager

Story of  broke man and his adventures 

Review by Frank: the titular Steve Yeager -- who is out of work and ends up as a stunt man on an early movie set in Arizona. He falls for a local waitress who gets kidnapped by an ex-prizefighter who was acting in the film and who then ends up in the clutches of a Mexican revolutionary across the border. Of course, our hero, Steve, sets out to rescue her and winds up himself in the hands of the Mexican bad guy

Excerpt from the first chapter:
Steve Yeager held his bronco to a Spanish trot. Somewhere in front of him, among the brown hill swells that rose and fell like waves of the sea, lay Los Robles and breakfast. 

One solitary silver dollar, too lonesome even to jingle, lay in his flatulent trouser pocket. After he and Four Bits had eaten, two quarters would take the place of the big cartwheel. Then would come dinner, the second transfer of capital, and his pocket would be empty as a cow's stomach after a long drive. 

Being dead broke, according to the viewpoint of S. Yeager, is right and fitting after a jaunt to town when one has a good job back in the hills. But it happened he had no more job than a rabbit. Wherefore, to keep up his spirits he chanted the endless metrical version of the adventures of Sam Bass, who "... started out to Texas a cowboy for to be, And a kinder-hearted fellow you scarcely ever see." Steve had not quit his job. It had quit him. 
Author: William MacLeod Raine
Publication date: 1915
Publisher Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin company

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