A dictionary of religion and ethics - by Shailer Mathews - PDF ebook

A dictionary of religion and ethics

A dictionary of religion and ethics
A dictionary of religion and ethics

The purpose of this Dictionary is to define all terms (not strictly biblical) of importance in the field of religion and ethics and at the same time to discuss with some fullness terms of primary value. the general plan thus involves the generous use of cross-references as a means of bringing the treatment within the limits of a single volume.

The general plan of editing involves :
1. The definition of all terms and a more extended discussion of the more important topics.
2. Particular attention to the clear explanation of the important terms used in primitive and ethnic regions.
3. Especial regard to the psychology and history of religion.
4. Historical rather than apologetic or partisan treatment of all topics.
5. Biographical articles are limited to persons especially significant in religion and morals. No living
persons are included.
6. No attempt to standardize the transliteration of foreign words, each contributor being left free to employ the system which he prefers. Where different spellings of a word are in common use, the variants appear in the titles at the proper places.
7. The omission of technical terms loosely connected with religion and morals would not naturally be sought in such a dictionary.
8. For ease of consultation, compound words are arranged in sequence after the first compound term.
9. Bibhographies in an appendix to the volume can thus easily be kept up to date.

The editors wish to express their gratitude to Drs. A. S. Woodburne, A. Eustace Haydon, and J. N.
Reagan for valuable assistance in the preparation of copy and reading proof, and to Dr. Frank E. Lewis for supervising the preparation of the bibliographies. While every article and definition has been independently produced their thanks are due to Funk & Wagnalls for their kind consent to the use of some especially admirable expressions and arrangements contained in-copyright material in the Standard Dictionary and

New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge. 

Author: Shailer Mathews -  Gerald Birney Smith
Publication date: 1923

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