Passport To French - ( 1961) MP3 French Langauge Lessons

Passport To French 

Passport To French

LEARNING TO SPEAK Since learning to speak a foreign language is largely a matter of imitation, (the way you learned English as a child), there is a small need for explanations at the beginning level. In school, while the teacher is explaining, the student is usually doing nothing. Talking about a foreign language may be fun, but to speak it 

YOU must SPEAK, and the more the better. Using our spaced recordings, YOU will be speaking at least fifty percent of the time. No classroom or tutor can assure you of so high a percentage of effective practice. 

LEARNING TO UNDERSTAND When you are not actually practicing with the instructor you will be training your comprehension by listening to a variety of voices speaking the language with a natural inflection at a normal speed in real situations. This invaluable experience is available perhaps only in foreign movies, not in classrooms, not even with private tutors. There is no other kind of practice that can prepare you so well for a visit

Using these recordings offers advantages that no classroom, no language laboratory, and not even a private tutor can give you. In this course, you have not one but several private tutors who are always pleasant, always clear, always correct, always available, and never tired, never bored. They are willing to repeat for you as often as you like, and this is the foundation of successful language study.


Tracklist: Disc 1: 1. Lesson 1 2. Lesson 2 3. Lesson 3 4. Lesson 4 5. Lesson 5 6. Lesson 6 7. Lesson 7 8. Lesson 8 Disc 2: 1. Lesson 9 2. Lesson 10 3. Lesson 11 4. Lesson 12 5. Lesson 13 6. Lesson 14 7. Lesson 15 8. Lesson 16 Disc 3: 1. Lesson 17 2. Lesson 18 3. Lesson 19 4. Lesson 20 5. Lesson 21 6. Lesson 22 7. Lesson 23 8. Lesson 24

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