Learn Russian In Record Time ( 1961) Complete Audio Course

Learn Russian In Record Time ( 1961) Audio Lessons

Learn Russian In Record Time ( 1961) Audio Lessons

“Russian in Record Time” was prepared by the Ist Ture For Lancuace Srupy. Much research and poem-taking study has gone into this fresh, new method of learning languages, and has been animated m answer to the urgent necessity to teach languages far more quickly than has ever been thought possible 

You will find that “Russian in Record Time” is sensibly organized that far from a burdensome chore, learning your new language will be something you look forward to each day. You will enjoy &, and so will learn complicated rules and grammatical constructions before you begin to talk in foreign languages.

There is no need for you to spend boring, tedious hours poring over masses of theoretical knowledge. This old-fashioned way of learning 2 languages is scrupulously avoided. The course which you now have m your hands was designed to give you 2 sound, practical, immediately ax-fad foundations in Russian. The traditionally high quality of these long-play recordings insures your being able to use them over and over again They contain the words and sentences you need to get along in common, every day.


Disc 1:
1. Meet Your Professor - Basic Sentence Patterns
2. Simple Declarative Sentences
3. Simple Negative Sentences
4. Simple Questions
5. Yes-Or-No Questions
6. More Complex Sentences
7. Expanded Sentences
8. Prepositional Phrases
9. Forms Of The Verb "To Be"
10. Word Order And Ellipsis
11. Basic Questions And Answers
12. Everyday Conversations
13. Getting To Know You
14. Counting - Cardinal Numbers
15. Ordinal Numbers And Fractions
16. The Clock And The Calendar
17. Days Of The Week; Months
18. Stranger In Town
19. Aboard Ship
20. Plane Travel
21. All Aboard
Disc 2:
1. Going Through Customs
2. Streetcar And Bus
3. At The Hotel
4. Making An Appointment
5. Dining Out
6. Food
7. Sightseeing
8. Snapshots For Remembrance
9. Shopping
10. Laundry And Cleaning
11. Hairdresser And Barber
12. Going To The Theater
13. Exchanging Money
14. Communications - Mail And Telegrams
15. Telephoning
16. Your Health Abroad
17. Visas
18. Signs
19. Sports - Tennis, Swimming, And Fishing
20. Key To Pronunciation
21. Good-Bye And Good Luck!

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