English-Russian commercial correspondence by Chevob-Maurice - PDF - (1917)

English-Russian commercial correspondence

English-Russian commercial correspondence

containing model phrases, letters, circulars, and business documents; commercial terms and abbreviations; tables of money, weights, and measures, etc., etc. by Chevob-Maurice

This volume is issued as a practical and reliable guide to proficiency in English Commercial Correspondence and as a useful and handy work of reference for the merchant or correspondent whom business brings into communication with the Russians.

 It is obviously impossible in so small a compass to offer a letter on every circumstance of business life, but useful examples of everyday commercial letters have been prepared as correct models of style. 

The matters with which trade is concerned to have been divided into appropriate sections, a selection has been made from amongst the topics of correspondence that most frequently occur under each section, and letters have been specially written upon them such as the correspondent may be called upon to write at any moment. 

Most of the sections are preceded by a sufficient number of isolated phrases suited to the topic in hand, by the help of which any ordinary letter may be readily put together; the writer can thus obtain the facility in expressing commercial ideas in various suitable forms.

 In addition, the alphabetical list of commercial abbreviations, and the tables of money, weights and measures, etc., complete the equipment for efficient and successful work and will enable the businessman to make his own communications perfectly clear and intelligible to his foreign clients and to comprehend those he receives from abroad.

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