Crabb's Handy cyclopaedia - PDF ebook with Illustrations

Crabb's Handy Cyclopedia

Crabb's Handy Cyclopedia

or, An explanation of words and things connected with all the arts and sciences by George Crabb.

This volume contains definitions of all terms of art and science, with such additional explanations in some cases as serve to illustrate something more than the bare meaning of the word. A work of this kind can» not fail to be acceptable, particularly as it has been so liberally supplied with illustrations by means of engravings. 

Although small in bulk, it will be found to contain a vast number of words which are not to be met within any other works whatever, the ex- planation of which is nevertheless highly necessary for those who are not in the constant habit of hearing them used in ordinary discourse. Of this description are the Latin phrases now adopted into our language, as Sine qua non, 
Ne plus ultra, and the like. 

The historical essays on each science, which have been expressly composed for the work, serve to show the progress of the arts and sciences from the earliest periods to the present time. The present edition has undergone a careful revision, and such alterations and additions have been made as deemed necessary to render it complete.

 In the department of Natural History, many errors have been corrected, and many articles, particularly relating to the Zoology of the Western Hemisphere, have been added. The Zoological arrangement of Cuvier, which has nearly superseded that of Linnaeus, is here introduced. It having been omitted in the original edition.

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