A diary of the Russian revolution -PDF book James L. Houghteling

A diary of the Russian revolution

A diary of the Russian revolution

This story of the Russian Revolution of March 1917 is based partly on the actual experiences of an eyewitness, partly on facts that stand of record or are common knowledge in Petrograd and Moscow, and partly on hearsay and rumour. 

I realize fully that information of the latter class, — as, for instance, the unsupported testimony of persons whom I have only felt at liberty to designate by their initials, — is a weak foundation for a historical structure. But I beg to leave to point out that such testimony is in no place used as a foundation, but only as of the ornamental scroll-work of the facade. It is interesting to know what clever and well-informed Russians were saying and thinking in the most crucial epoch of their country's history. 

The men of ability who so quickly adopted this al- most accidental revolution and guided it, believed the situation to be approximately what these stories and rumours depict. I have included a few happenings which may appear to some to be too personal and therefore unnecessary, but their purpose is to show the conditions of life in a war-ridden country. 

To those Americans in Russia who may be surprised to have their names ' ' called right out in the meeting," without dashes or other subterfuge, I offer apologies, feeling sure that these friends will accept them. The experiences are theirs as much as mine and my highest hope is that they may think I have drawn the picture faithfully. 

I owe to the Hon. David R. Francis, American Ambassador to Russia, a debt of gratitude which I gladly acknowledge; also to the Hon. Maddin Sununers, American Consul at Moscow; and to the embassy and consulate staff. I wish to offer sincere thanks, in this place, to Professor Samuel N. Harper of the University of Chicago for the ground outline he has given me of Russian institutions, politics, and customs, which has enabled me in a greater measure to grasp the significance of what I saw and heard.
Author: James L. Houghteling
Publication date:1918

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